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Influencing Consumers through Competitions

APRIL 2014 INFLUENCING CONSUMERS THROUGH COMPETITIONS #Complnfluence14 TAMBA surveyed 896 people who enter competitions to deliver the first whitepaper with insights into the influence of social media competitions on consumers. AGE OF PARTICIPANTS 40% 31.14% 30% 22.32% 24.33% 20% 13.73% 10% 6.36% 2.12% AGE GROUP 18 - 20 21 - 29 30 - 39 40 - 49 50 - 59 60+ PARTICIPANTS WITH CHILDREN UNDER 18 61.56% NUMBER OF CHILDREN UNDER 18 43.60% 38.44% 40.41% 3 10.17% YES NO 4.65% 5+ 1.16% PARTICIPANTS WHO ARE BLOGGERS 5.26% NO 94.74% YES МҮТH Competition winners are bloggers picked to promote the brand. FACI: Only 5% of competition entrants surveyed have a blog. EMPLOYMENT STATUS OF PARTICIPANTS UNEMPLOYED 33.41% UP TO 16 HOURS 11.59% FULL TIME 47.92% SELF EMPLOYED 7.09% ΜΥΤΗ People who enter competitions are stay-at-home mums. FACI: The 'typical' person who enters competitions is a thirtysomething with a full-time job. POPULAR CHANNELS FOR ENTERING COMPETITIONS 80.83% SOCIAL MEDIA # 79.59% COMPANY WEBSITE ONLINE MAGAZINE/ 70.01% COMMUNITY 29.31% PRINT/ NEWSPAPER 21.08% POSTCARD 10.94% PHONE USING SOCIAL MEDIA TO ENTER COMPETITIONS 12.94% YES 87.06%NO MOST POPULAR SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS FOR COMPETITIONS 78.52% 65.80% 16.76% 8+ 12.26% 10.24% in 2.7% FREQUENCY OF ENTERING COMPETITIONS 67.65% 20.36% 6.79% 4.64% 0.57% DAILY WEEKLY MONTHLY RARELY NEVER HOW OFTEN CONSUMERS SHARE BRAND CONTENT ON THEIR SOCIAL PAGES DAILY 44.46% WEEKLY 17.53% OCCASIONALLY 22.51% NEVER 15.50% ΜΥΤΗ People who enter competitions no longer interact with the brand after the competition ends. FACT: 84.5% of people who enter competitions still share content from a brand on social media after the promotion ends. INFLUENCE ON AWARENESS OF NEW BRANDS 94.22% 5.78% NO YES 74.60% £ £ 25.40% INFLUENCE ON BRAND PURCHASING DECISIONS ΜΥΤΗ Competitions have no influence on a participant's purchasing decision. FACT: Competitions do influence purchasing decisions for 3 in 4 participants. YES POSITIVE INFLUENCE POSITIVE 78.68% 74.04% INFLUENCE ON WORD-OF-MOUTH ON BRAND PERCEPTION RECOMMENDATIONS 21.32% 25.96% NO MYTH Competitions have no influence on whether a participant will recommend a brand. FACT: Almost 3 out of 4 people are more likely to recommend a brand that offers competitions and giveaways. FRUSTRATIONS WITH COMPETITIONS UNWANTED SPAM FROM THE BRAND 72.35% DELAY IN GIVING OUT THE PRIZE 38.98% DELAY IN ANNOUNCING THE WINNER 27.52% For more insights and best practices, download the full whitepaper: TAMBA BRAVE I PLAYFUL I DIGITAL © TAMBA, April 2014. Infographic free to use, share and distribute. However please do not alter contents and hyperlink to the source here: hittp:// Source: Online survey of 896 participants, conducted by TAMBA in April 2014.

Influencing Consumers through Competitions

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Influencing Consumers through Competitions 2014 highlights the impact of social media competitions on consumers. The findings, based on a survey conducted amongst 896 people, reveal that competitions...






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