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Influencer Marketing Is The New King Of Content

INFLUENCER MARKETING IS THE NEW KING OF CONTENT Infographic by : Customers look to influencers before they make purchase decisions. This new endorsement model we call Influencer f. Marketing' is the easiest way to gain access to potential customers and establish trust. #1 After all, influencers are amazing - not because of their fame - but because of their capacity to connect with people. BLOGS INFLUENCE PURCHASES When making overal purchase decisions, for consumers, blogs trail only behind retail and brand sites. Blogs were found to be the third-most influential digital resource when making overall purchases (31%), only behind retail sites (56%) and brand sites (34%). RETAIL BLOGS f 8+ Tube Consumers TRUST influencers more than brands. Branded content comes across as being biased, so consumer go online to find reviews and recommendations from people who are not associated with the brand. 92% 70% 47% 35% 20% 92% of consumers 70% of consumers 47% of U.S. 35% of U.S. readers 20% of women trust recommendations reported online readers consult look to blogs for active on social from other people - customer reviews blogs for finding media are discovering new products. even someone they as the second most new trends and motivated to consider products promoted by bloggers they don't know - over trusted source. ideas. brand content. know. 3X TO 10X $$$$$ $$$$$ INCREASE IN CONVERSION Sharing your content through influencers in your industry increases conver- sion by at least a 3x-10x higher rate. Brands allot large amounts of money for influencer marketing. %$4 %24 $[$ 24 65% 52% 5% 65% of brands 52% of companies 5% have an organizational participate in influencer marketing. have a stand-alone annual budget in excess of Sponsored Social $5M and 25% have an budget for their brand. annual budget of $500K. There are influencers in every industry. Izea broke these industries down and analyzed how large the representation is in each of the top 16 verticals. 51% 44% DIY Social Media 32% 80% Technology Food 30% 47% Advertising Health 52% 26% Music Beauty 43% 20% Entertainment Video Games 17% 47% Business Fashion 65% 40% Parenting Travel 20% 74% Pop Culture Lifestyle Marketers rate industry relevance, content quality and personality of creator higher than popularity when choosing an influencer. Working with influencers can fulfill many different types of goals. Brand Awareness Education SEO Authority Introduce your brand and products to new If your products are difficult to use, a video When popular sites link to yours, it can give you a huge boost in SEO. audiences. tutorial can go a long way. (Think hair extensions.) Use Cases Social Following Damage Control Influencers can help Showing your products in context helps potential You can use influen- tial people to help reverse negative opinions and to grow social follow- ings through relat- customers envison able content and how they could use giveaways. reviews. them too. Sales Trust UGC Customer-created Photos and blog posts can be spread via the Customer reviews and endorsements content is more trust- sell more products. worthy than branded brands own social It's a fact! networks. It's great for raising awareness. content. The Ripple Effect is a result of working with influencers. Creator's Sponsored Social engagement has a ripple effect of value to marketers since almost all influencers continue to evangelize for brands after the end of their paid projects. 88% 72% 77% 88% verbally tell a 72 % share additional posts 77% say they're more friend about brands about their sponsors for likely to purchase free, outside contractual agreement. that sponsor them. their from brands that sponsor them. Tips for Influencer Marketing RESEARCH : Make sure you do your research before blasting out a pitch to every 1 influencer in your industry. GO FOR RELEVANCE: Relevance is far more important than mass reach to the wrong audience. 2 BE REALISTIC When approaching an influencer always show respect for their 3 time and effort. THINK CREATIVELY : Bring creative ideas to the table but always be open to feedback 4 from the influencer. MEASURE SUCCESS : Be sure you know the metrics you want to measure before starting the cam- 5 paign and collect them when the campaign is over so you can gauge success. References The Shelf This infographic was created by The Shelf, an influencer marketing platform that helps brands discover the most relevant influencers to work with, as well as streamline the entire process of working with influencers. We work with all kinds of companies : brands, agencies, and startups. If you're new to influencer marketing, we have tons of resources at And, if you liked this infographic, we’d LOVE you if you’d help us pass it around!! REFERENCES

Influencer Marketing Is The New King Of Content

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Customers look to influencers before they make purchase decisions. This new endorsement model we call ‘Influencer Marketing’ is the easiest way to gain access to potential customers and establish ...


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