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The Impact Of Color Within A Logo Design

THE IMPACT OF çolour IN YOUR LOGO DESIGN Colour creates an instant subconscious judgment. Every colour and every shade creates associations and has a personality o0 surrounding it. Understanding the connotations of your 80% 73% logo design colours will help you to focus your brand, increase brand recognition by up to 80% , and increase brand comprehension by up to 73% Brand PURITY NEUTRAL WHITE SIMPLICITY INNOCENCE PEACE sentient Stone Deflection Engineering Critical Systems Moonlets Platinum Hair Tailoredo BELLA MA -BOUTIQUE- IVING frst Light OPTIMISM WARMTH SCOVERY НАРРY YELLOW FUN BiCycle BUILDER'S LEAGUE ENERGETIC REPRIR UAN FRIENDSHIP CAUTION Yellow is a very strong colour and can be a powerful addition to your logo, but be aware that it isn't visible against white! COWARDICE FRIENDLY CREATIVE 3 Integer CHEERFUL ice& OneMove CONFIDENCE WARM MELLOW FLAMBOYANT South Coast Plumbing & Heating Lettings & Management 'ENERGY RETRO OISUN BRITISH Red quirrel Property Shop RED GIFTS ONLINE QUAITY C MADI IN BRITAIN EXCITEMENT BOLD PASSION REBELLIOUS BRAVERY ACTION DANGER BLOOD GEdcloud RECYCLING Feed lammer JOstOfficeCleaning Ter Bay Wartanmer es eant Pink is a polarising colour so be wary using it. FEMININE FUN DELICATE GENTLE ROMANTIC Pink isn't necessarily the best way of connecting with a female audience. Most women say blue is their favourite colour, followed closely by purple. PINK BIOSSOM UGAR ART NAnna's y.Car Wax CHRISSYS Appetite NUTRITION DECADENT STYLISH ELEGANT LUXURY PURPLE CREATIVE IMAGINATIVE ROYAL WISE MYSTICAL EDUCATION ROMANTIC The Pamper Next Door Girlconsulting . Protect A &Save Caura Mac Donald AC SportswearA (0Reflexologist Belien eng tine BLUE TRUST / DEPENDABLE/STRENGTH/LIBERAL / COLD SMART/FREEDOM/ ROYAL / MEDICINE /LOYAL Blue is the most popular company logo colour. 42% of people say that blue is their favourite colour and most people like at least one shade of blue. mickblue Body Synergy for a funcional pain free body LNS LIMITED PARAGON UK Consultancy Limited vnderstanding bneschangenend SHARES КСОДСH AerialsDirect putting you in the picture RELOAD PEACEFUL GROWTH HEALTH MONEY NATURAL ORGANIC EARTHY TRUST JEALOUS LUCK RENEWAL INEXPERIENCE LION ENGINEERING GREEN LIFE FORCE Green Flare Engineering ICICAL WHOLIAT ELECTRICAL BROWN RAE Arboricultural Services Itd RUSTIC DEPTH EARTHY STABILITY WARM COMFORT UTILITY POVERTY ROUGH SIMPLE AngelCottage Bridalguins ) Darcy Inspired by Styish Home Accessorie A GREY Safe-Play GamerGuldes.o Health & Safety BALANCE NEUTRAL CALM PROFESSIONAL CORPORATE AUTHORITY DULL PRACTICAL SOMBRE GREY is a very popular company logo colour, especially for RH Interiors corporate businesses, and it is a proven to be much easier to read on the web. However, GREY is the least popular colour and many people find it dull and sombre. BLACK Emploria Lkeload Reboot edge MENACE BOLD CLASSIC EVIL MYSTERY TRADITION FELT LEMON TREE BALLSBRIDGE Dental Ciinic CUPCAKES long BY CREATING THE RIGHT COLOUR PERSONALITY FOR YOUR LOGO DESIGN YOU WILL BE HELPING TO COMMUNICATE THOSE VALUES TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. HOWEVER IT'S IMPORTANT TO BEAR IN MIND THAT A LOGO HAS TO BE READABLE TO BE EFFECTIVE. THE RIGHT COLOUR CAN IMPROVE READERSHIP BY AS MUCH AS 40%, BY ATTRACTING THE EYE AND BEING EASY TO READ. +40% READERSHIP AVOID CLICHÉ STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD Do all of your competitors use similar colours? You might benefit from going in a different direction to help distinguish your company from the pack. FFF FF DRIGISH This infographic (and nuggets of advice therein) is provided by the logo design colour gurus at British Design Experts. (E ORANGE RECOGNITION COMPREHENSION Sarn e kk k k ke

The Impact Of Color Within A Logo Design

shared by judithgold on May 17
This info-graphic will attract all custom business logo designers who wish to know the importance of a color template and design within your company logos. For more creation of such animated logo desi...




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