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How to Use Social Media Thought Leaders to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

HOW TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA THOUGHT LEADERS TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG HOW TO FIND THOUGHT LEADERS USE INDUSTRY KEYWORDS ACROSS THESE PLATFORMS DURING YOUR SEARCHES SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCE SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS SEARCH ENGINES MEASUREMENT SITES >K KLOUT Google facebook. twitter *SEARCH FOR [INDUSTRY KEYWORD] + "BLOG" Peerlndex Linked in. Technorati TOPSY Pinterest socialmention Google+ followerwonk ยป SEARCH FOR THOUGHT LEADERS WITH INDUSTRY KEYWORDS OR HASHTAGS * These sites help brands to measure influence * These social media sites give you opportunity across the social universe and provide you with useful metrics that analyze your impact across * The most obvious and least data-driven way to find industry influencers and that is through search engines to take a close look at the conversations being held with their followers your favorite platforms. HOW TO NETWORK WITH SOCIAL MEDIA THOUGHT LEADERS Networking online takes time and dedication, the same as it would in-person. When networking online do it in ways that you would in person. Consider that social media thought leaders probably have a lot of people looking to leech off their influence and if you are to develop a relationship with them, you'll have to put your time in and earn it. Here's how you can use social media to connect with social media thought leaders across the various social media networks Retweet their tweets on a frequent basis amention them in your tweets Share their content mention it in your tweets, link to it, and @mention them in your favorable posts Engage with their posts When something spikes your interest, comment, like or share it with others Engage with other fans and share knowledgeable and helpful information to others If you continually share the content of thought leaders on your Facebook page they will take notice f in Request a connection to thought leaders Endorse thought leaders skills on LinkedIn to show them and others that you trust their authority Follow business pages and engage with content so you are recognized as an important part of their community 8+ Follow social media thought leaders on Google+ and +1, share, and comment on their updates Share links Share informative links of thought leaders on your own Google+ page and mention them in your updates Subscribe to their RSS feed so you never miss a blog Repost links to your social media thought leaders' blogs on your social media networks Post comments on the blogs so thought leaders and others come to know you as a well-spoken contributor Post using your name and picture so that people can see your face Link to relevant articles. Also, link to your own articles O HOW TO AMPLIFY THE REACH OF YOUR CONTENT THROUGH THOUGHT LEADERS double and triple check your make sure you are covering topics that are either well-researched or that you are extremely knowledgeable in grammar Grammar ce your knowledge Start with Awesome Content break up content with headers and sub-headers, bullet points, images, Use eye catching try using topics like "3 Things about (topic] you didn't know," bolded content and other relevant content like videos and audio files CONTENT AMPLIFICATION OUTREACH APPROACHES One of the most traditional but oftenneglected ways to talk to thought leaders is to simply call them on the phone Phone Create an intriguing subject line Make your message personal by using the thought leader's name Get to the point of your request quickly E-mail Each social media network will have a slightly different approach * Twitter : Make your 140 characters count Google+ : Find your thought leader's personal Google+ page and send them a direct message * LinkedIn : Send thought leaders a direct message immediately after endorsing them Social Media Prsented by DIGTAL ELEVATOR References: (1) The average company that blogs has 55% more visitors, 97% more inbound links, 434% more indexed pages than a company that doesn't blog. (Source: HubSpot) (2) 1240339.html (3) 561-692-3719 Fomatting headi

How to Use Social Media Thought Leaders to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

shared by digitalelevator on Apr 19
A lot of us are creating amazing content but are unsure what to do to get it the attention it deserves. This infographic was designed to show you how you can find, network with, and utilize the reach ...



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