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How Twitter Works As A Q and A

? ? SOCIAL MEDIA'S LOADED QUESTIONS How Twitter Users Are Getting Their Questions Answered People use Twitter in all sorts of ways. Some use it to catch up on the latest news, some connect with friends, some share links and photos, and some ask questions to their followers. So what are people asking-and are they getting any answers? We take a look below. Finance & Insurance Auto ? WHAT WE'RE ASKING PhotographyI 1% Video Games Relationships Phones Food & Recipes People are asking their followers questions about a variety of topics. Books During the month of April, an average of 102,322 questions were asked each day. Here's what people are asking their contacts about. Home 3% 3% Fashion |Improvement Advice & Lifestyle 4% Music 4% Education & Health 5% 5% Movies Homework Entertainment 5% 6% Careers & Tech Support 6% Workplace 8% Travel 11% Sports 12% 13% Local Suggestions Product Recommendations & Advice Ask Questions 7 THE ASKING GAME 67% >100 FOLLOWERS So who even asks questions on Twitter? People with more followers are more likely to. The most popular way people bring up questions is by asking their followers. 33% <100 FOLLOWERS >100 FOLLOWERS <100 FOLLOWERS HOW WE ASK QUESTIONS 2% 4% 25% | 73% 44% 52% Ask Followers | @reply | Direct Message Ask Followers | @reply | Direct Message IS ANYONE LISTENING? Twitter is a more reliable source for answers for people with more followers. A greater percentage of accounts with 100+ followers receive answers to questions they ask. 12% 22% 29% 20% 59% 58% Always Answered | Sometimes | Never Always Answered | Sometimes | Never When followers do chime in with an answer, people with low follower counts are more likely to be unsatisfied with answers. 13% 24% 32% 19% 63% 49% Very Satisfied | Satisfied | Unsatisfied Very Satisfied | Satisfied | Unsatisfied OUT OF NOWHERE ? A BUSINESS CONTACT But it's not just a person's followers who answer his/her questions. Sometimes complete strangers chime in. People with more followers are also more likely to have their questions Roughly 66% of questions asked on Twitter have some commercial answered by a non-follower. intent, so sometimes non-followers who answer people's questions are businesses. People with high follower counts are also more likely GET ANSWERS FROM NON-FOLLOWERS to receive responses from businesses. GET ANSWERS FROM BUSINESSES 66% >100 FOLLOWERS 41% 21% 44% <100 FOLLOWERS GETTING TO KNOW YOU Answers from businesses are generally trusted. 80% of respondents trust answers from businesses as much or more as answers from their followers. 26% 54% 20% But are people willing to be contacted by businesses on Twitter? Most people would like to receive answers directly from businesses Trust More Trust As Much Trust Less if the quality is as good or better than answers from their followers. FOLLOW BACK ARE OPEN TO ANSWERS FROM BUSINESSES Business responses can establish a relationship with the person asking 59% 57% the question. When businesses respond to someone's Twitter question, that person is likely to follow the business and more likely to make a purchase. 59% 29% 12% More Likely To Follow | As Likely | Less Likely 64% 24% 12% More Likely To Purchase | As Likely | Less Likely inboxQ Based on a survey of 1,825 Twitter users.

How Twitter Works As A Q and A

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If you think about it, Twitter actually serves as one of the most widely used and engaging Q&A apps. Around 3 million questions are asked on Twitter each month, and the questions range from tech s...






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