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How to Twitter

How to Twitter Brought to you Twitter was created to by answer one simple question twiends What are you doing? KNOW TO Go to GOOD It's a good idea to verify your email address before Start you start tweeting To create a twitter account all you need is a username, an email address & a password 15 Pick a username max. characters Use the @ symbol when you Names can include: @mention want to tweet someone directly ie @reply or @mention Letters, numbers & adding a twitter name to a blog tweeter underscore only a user of or post Twitter @rustyrockets VS @stephenfry alter ego or pseudonym real name business or brand use a name that you've established on other websites or blogs using your real or business name makes it easier for search engines to find you Add your avatar & bio photo, cartoon, logo or brand 700kb Your picture must not be bigger than 700kb & must be in JPG, GIF or PNG format Statistics borrowed from an unrellable source Get 10x more followers when you add a pic Get 8X more followers account without an avartar or bio when you add your bio Any likeness to persons either living in eSouthPark or dead is completely coincidental KNOW то Your bio GOOD should be 160 Follow some tweeps characters or less tell people what you do, add interest & show type a username in the search box personality then click Search. When you've found who you're looking for click... follow ..or go to, where you'll find hundreds of new friends & followers tweeps people that follow tweeting each other from one act of posting 140 social network a tweet to another tweets posts on max. characters twitter per tweet aka micro blog Start tweeting tell people what you're doing KNOW any time, day or night... send messages from the web, your desktop or from your phone GOOD 2000 Get some followers max. following the more you participate... Unless you have more ..the faster your community will grow. Follow our Best Practise Peacock for a truely than 2000 people following you attractive twitter account Set your profile up inc. pic, bio, location, website Respond Balance & branding to tweets, good personal, ask & answer informative questions & fun tweets Retweet Add good tweets inventive you find #hashtags Make Promote Add Add your tweets recent posts, pictures value to your interesting & blogs & your & photos followers entertaining own work For personal Turn auto chats use tweets & messaging bots off follower TO KNOW a person following Tweets you GOOD are publicly friend visible by default You can reatrict a person message delivery . to just your you are following followers Become an advanced tweeter learn the terms, then give them a go Message 250 A direct message (DM) is private tweet that appears in your twitter inbox. You can only direct message max. number a person that's following you of direct messages you can send in a day HOW TO aplusk to mrskutcher: Message Click 'Messages' on the top Pop the kettle on love, l'll be home in a menu bar. On your private messages few minutes... history page, click "New Message". Click to send a new message. In the pop-up box, type the name or username of #nowplaying who you're sending to. Enter the #everybodyhasthat1follower message & click 'Send." KNOW #imisswhen #yourebeautiful #AskObama hashtags #Hashtag GOOD are a great way to promote special A hashtag (#symbol+word/phrase) can be added events, like a conference to your tweet making it easier to search for & increases or festival the chance your tweet will become a trending topic HOW 3 Add a hashtag Just type the #symbol plus a word or phrase into your tweet. trending Topics identified max. number as being immediately NB: Hashtags on public tweets can be searched by everyone. Don't #spam #with #hashtags Don't over-tag a tweet. Only use hashtags on relevant topics of #hashtags twitter #recommends per popular & breaking #tweet news stories Retweet HOW Rewteet The retweet (RT) allows you to Click the retweet link, share the best links & tweets you've shown in the list below the found with your followers. tweet you want to duplicate. The tweet will then be forwarded to all of your followers. 1000 KNO TO List max. updates Retweets are counted as Lists allow you to organise updates on your people into interest groups, and can GOOD daily limit include people you're not following. HOW Create a list Go to the user profile you'd like on your list & click the person icon. Celebrity by Pete Cashmore In the drop-down Actions menu, select Best lists Top 50 Funny by borrowed from "Add to list", Enter your list & choose whether it's makeuseo BreakingNews by Patrick LaForge public or private. NB A tick will show next to lists in which .com Most influential in tech by Robert Scoble that user is included. World Leaders by Verified Accounts Travel by Gary Arndt Block You can block anyone you don't want following you. @reply Blocking prevents a user from following, sending A reply is any you @reply or @mention or putting update posted by HOW you on their lists clicking the 'Reply" Block a user button on a Log in & go to the profile tweet Unblock page of the person you wish to block. Click the person icon. In the You can easily unblock a user by drop-down Actions menu select Block from the options listed. clicking undo on their profile page KNOW TO Protected tweets When you sign up for Twitter, you have the option of keeping your tweets public which is the default setting or protecting your tweets. public VS protected Public tweets have profile pages Protected tweets need manual approval of everyone who wants to follow you. Only approved followers that are visible to everyone. Great if you're looking for lots of friends & followers on twitter. can view your account. twiends Design by @BlinR OOD

How to Twitter

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Twitter is a new and effective social media tool, but you have to know how to use it correctly. This infographic provides information about the steps you need to take to make a proper Twitter account ...






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