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How the Top 50 Non-Profits Use Social Media

CRAIG NEWMARK'S CRAIGCONNECTS PRESENTS HOW THE TOP 50 NONPROFITS DO SOCIAL MEDIA We took a look at the nonprofits ranked by revenue, and their use of social media in August and September of 2011: Do the highest revenue nonprofits use social media the most effectively? Do they have the largest followings on Facebook and Twitter? Are they the most engaging? How are people responding and interacting? With social media use booming, we went ahead and dove in. With data ranging from the most comments to the most followers, we got it covered. of NP websites contain at least one social media button. 70% SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT ON HOMEPAGE 92% AMONG 50 HIGHEST REVENUE NONPROFITS 22% 12% Linkedin RSS Feed Flickr 90% YouTube Twitter FaceBook 92% Breakdown By Type: FACEBOOK FANS & TWITTER FOLLOWERS BY REVENUE You might assume that the more money an organization has, the more engaged they are in social media and the dedication to see it flourish, but is that assumption valid? No, that correlation does not always match up. The white bars denote how many Facebook fans each organization has. Black bars show Twitter followers. See if they match up to their revenue! AMONG THE TOP 5 HIGHEST REVENUE. . & A LITTLE FURTHER DOWN THE LIST YMCA of the United States of 1 America Shriners 46 Hospital for Children Revenue: $5.843.926.000 Revenue: $285,811,000 FB: 24.5k FB: 97.2k I TW: 0.2k TW: 3.3kI Revenue: $4,270,309,450 International Revenue: $281,854,094 Catholic FB: 4.8k FB: 20.7k Charities USA 2 47 Rescue I TW: 2.1k Committee TW: 14.5k Catholic 48 Medical Mission Board Revenue: $4,128.778,364 Revenue: $279.664,537 FB: 28.7k United Way FB: 1.1k |TW: 8.3k TW: 0.5k I Goodwill Industries International Revenue: $278,695,326 FB: 8.7k Revenue: $3,676,033,245 49 Mental Health America FB: 37.5k TW: 7.0k TW: 5.6k I Leukemia & 50 Lymphoma Society Revenue: $3.301,.803,766 Revenue: $277,777,770 American Red Cross FB: 378.5k FB: 97.6k TW: 534.0k TW: 4.6k NONPROFITS ON TWITTER Most Twitter Followers Following the most people Public Broadcasting Service - 840,653 American Red Cross - 534,006 Smithsonian - 520,221 C.A.R.E. - 447,036 200,522 - American Cancer Society 174,137 - Public Broadcasting Service 33,467 - The Nature Conservancy 30,814 - Samaritan's Purse Metropolitan Museum - 368,170 30,775 - American Red Cross Most Talkative * Public Broadcasting Service - 877 C.A.R.E. - 861 Save the Children Federation - 693 Samaritan's Purse - 630 Compassion International - 603 *Tweets in 2 months (August + September 2011) TWITTER PARTICIPATION BY SIGNUP DATE: It took some organizations no time at all to jump on the social media bandwagon, others were a little bit behind.the question is, does that effect the number of followers they have? The slogan "quality over quantity" seems to fit pretty well! EARLY ADOPTERS RECENT ADOPTERS UN American Red Cross Boys' Home 2 ons Blalie 2007 Research Hospital 2,306 Folowers 176 Followers 134 Followers 10,040 Followers 1,168 Followers 13,665 Followers NONPROFITS ON FACEBOOK Most Liked on Facebook Most Commented on Facebook Public Broadcasting Service - 928,265 World Vision - 656,152 Metropolitan Museum - 555,992 Susan G Komen - 499,661 ALSAC/St. Jude's Research Hospital - 476,270 17,205 - Public Broadcasting Service 6,577 - Planned Parenthood 5,336 - American Red Cross 5,254 - The Nature Conservancy 3,782 - Susan G. Komen for the Cure Most Talkative * Food for the Poor - 220 posts Public Broadcasting Service - 211 posts Feed the Children - 209 posts United States Fund for UNICEF - 175 posts Metropolitan Museum of Art - 120 posts "Facebook posts in 2 months (August + September 2011) THE ORGANIZATIONS IN THIS STUDY BY REVENUE |HABITAT FOR HUMANITY INTERNATIONAL $1,342,312,356 AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION $463.457.716 INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION $362,155.000 YMCA OF THE USA $5,843.926.000 FOOD FOR THE POOR $ UNITED STATES FUND FOR UNICEF GIFTS IN KIND INTERNATIONAL $286.268.717 $746,174,040 CATHOLIC CHARITIES USA VOLUNTEERS OF AMERICA $916.656.522 | C.A.R. $694,148.000 | PEW CHARITABLE TRUSTS $323.739.717 EASTER SEALS $1.270,836.000 $4,270,309.450 UNITED WAY $4.128.778.364 SAVE THE CHILDREN FEDERATION SHRINERS HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN ALSACI ST. JUDE'S RESEARCH HOSPITAL $659.932.239 WORLD VISION $1,221,382.724 AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY $445.564.956 $285,811,000 GOODWILL INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL $3.676.033.245 METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART 5319.054.654 $897.051.000 MAP INTERNATIONAL $445,564.956 INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE $281.854.094 AMERICARES FOUNDATION $1.192,677.011 CITY OF HOPE AND AFFILIATES S891.188,944 FEEDING AMERICA $607.216.730 AMERICAN RED CROSS $3.301.803.766 FEED THE CHILDREN $1,189.236,434 | THE NATURE CONSERVANCY S856.246,824 OPERATIONS BLESSING INTERNATIONAL RELIEF SAMARITAN'S PURSE $310,859.899 | CHILDRENS HOSPITAL LOS ANGELES |CATHOLIC MEDICAL SALVATION ARMY $2.611.233.000 BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA $ FATHER FLANAGAN'S BOYS' HOME $301,159.000 MISSION BOARD $279.664,537 $407.040.094 DANA-FARVER CANCER INSTITUTE $816.459.667 $546.993.497 COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL MEMORIAL SLOAN- KETTERING CANCER CENTER $2,188,284,000 SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION $1.114.861,695 CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST INTERNATIONAL $510,970.000 I SUSAN G. KOMEN FOR THE CURE $298,685,007 MENTAL HEALTH AMERICA $403.133.015 CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICES $777,315,551 FRED HUTCHINSON CANCER RESEARCH CENTER $278.695.326 BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS OF AMERICA $1.469.999.341 PLANNED PARENTHOOD FEDERATION OF AMERICA $1.091,400,000 GIRL SCOUTS OF THE USA $752,702.064 PUBLIC BROADCASTING SERVICE $492.213.877 CHRISTIAN BROADCASTING NETWORK LEUKEMIA & LYMPHOMA SOCIETY $277,777,770 $365.369.035 $295,140,001 FOR THE RECORD In November of 2010 the Nonprofit Times published a list of the top 100 nonprofits based on revenue. Universities, 501c4's and donor-advised funds are not included in the report. During the week of October 3rd we took this list and generated metrics to determine who was proactively and effectively utilizing social media. We analyzed the following metrics: Social Network Presence on Homepage • Date of sign up on Twitter • Number of posts over the course of 2 months (Aug. 2011-Sept. 2011), • Tweet Grader score • Number of Tweets over the course of 2 months (Aug. 2011-Sept. 2011) via • Number of Likes and comments over the course of 2 months • Twitter followers • The number they follow on Twitter • Total number of Facebook fans/Likes It was these metrics that led us to determine just how efficiently the top 50 nonprofits by revenue utilize social media, and whether revenue has an effect on their social media presence. The bottom line is that revenue does not increase a nonprofit's visibility and interactions in the social media world. Some of the most social media savwy organizations are in the bottom quarter bracket in terms of revenue, yet they are clearly active on social media. It's about fostering conversations and interactions, not money. These are the keys to keeping up in the fast-paced arena of social networks. craigconnects helps connect people of good will for the common good by helping groups who're really effective in areas including military families and veterans, helping find good, effective nonprofits, and who can help restore traditional journalism values like factchecking. © 2011 CRAIGCONNECTS RESEARCH & DESIGN CRAIG CONNECTS.ORG BY RAD The information presented in this infographic is for illustrative purposes only. All data is from third-party applications and is subject to change. Father Flanagan's DEC Campus Crusade for JUL Christ Internal ne MAR aed S American Heart 2010 Girl Scouts of he 2010 JUL United States Fund SEP Compassion OCT ALSAC/St. Jude's OCT Operations 73,713 Followers 44,167 Followers 51,027 Followers 534,006 Followers

How the Top 50 Non-Profits Use Social Media

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Craig Connects has done an in-depth study of the social media usage of the top 50 non-profit organisations, as listed by The Non-Profit Times. Among the many interesting facts they found out, they lea...


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