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How Social Media Is Shaping Customer Service - The Connection

HOW SOCIAL MEDIA IS SHAPING CUSTOMER SERVICE Social care: a system for companies to regularly provide customer service through social media platforms. Stats about social media users 712 471 who experience positive social care. have used social care, with usage as high as 59% among 18-24 yr olds. 97% 517. 371 prefer customer service through social media rather than by phone. of social care users actively of users engage with brands on a daily basis. engage with brands several times per month. A Look at Customer Service 40% 371. 201-407. 24% ***** 5557 ***** of brands received good or excellent customer 555 experience index scores. Customers who engage of consumers who had with companies over social media spend of organizations cite "complexity" as the 63% unsatisfactory service greatest barrier to interactions shared their improving multi-channel 20% to 40% more experiences through social networks in 2010, customer experience. money with those companies than with other companies. a 50% increase over 2009. of brands recieve a rating of "OK" to “very poor" from customers. 12 facts that speak to the evolution of online customer service 751. of surveyed consumers said they would prefer to use online support When customers have a problem with a product, if it were reliable. 91% 157. 571. of customers search for a solution online first. say they would use an online knowledgebase if it were available and tailored to their needs. of 16-24 year olds prefer social media over any other channel for 80% of consumers research customer service. products online every week. More than a quarter of the 25 largest online retailers ignore consumer tweets altogether. Zappos' average response time: 54 minutes! 40% 171. of customer service tweets to 25 of the largest online retailers are answered in less than 24 hours. Responds to 100% of of customers age 16-34 said companies could most drastically improve customer experience. customer service questions on Twitter within 24 hours of 80% of Twitter users expect a response to a customer service inquiry in a day or less. the question's post. Social consumers will tell an average of One in five shoppers prefer online chat over any other communication method. people about a 42 good customer experience. 40%. of consumers using social A • access to customer service. sites such as Facebook value 53 people about a bad customer nearly one in three expect a experience. More than 50% of Facebook users company to provide direct "| access to customer support. expect a response to a customer service inquiry in a day or less. Managing social media as a Customer service channel Focus service efforts: 1. Prioritize Utilize Train social customer service delivery. marketing efforts. consumers to reach out. Showcase a social customer service center: 2. Support Integrate Encourage live chat, help desk ticketing, and a searchable off-hours. customers to submit problems. knowledgebase. Listen carefully: 3. Actively Respond Monitor listen for "trigger" keywords. intelligently and with action. filter through the chatter and noise. Get to know your social audience: 4. Understand the makeup of your social audience. Sources: ment/u/0/?ui=28&ik=b9ae0d0544&view=att&th=13e5794ce9fbebc5&attid=0.1&disp=inline&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P96cPymZPd2vavN6fJeQ3xi&sadet=13672738907 94&sads=vGuBwtk7M6E2Bqh13fKnb6ZxXcg INFOGRAPHIC DESIGNED BY TheConnection. ENationalPositions Contact Center Services Profitable Internet Marketing 4 practices

How Social Media Is Shaping Customer Service - The Connection

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Providing great, well-structured customer service can make or break your business. It’s vital for consumers to feel that they are being heard and taken care of, and often time is of the essence. Ent...


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