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How many of these online personalities can you recognise? Is one yourself?

Do you recognise any of these Facebook personalities? "Everyone has a double side. One they show to the world, the other they show to the Internet. Can you tick off all of these personalities in your Facebook friends list? 'EXAGGERATED POPULAR' "THE EXTREME BRAGGERS" "THE GAMES GEEK CONTACTS "THE CLOWN", %3D "THE CHECK IN-ER" ARGENTINA EXIT ONLY HIGH SCHOOL REUNION OF CLASS OF 1989 Reunite with your Facebook friends! "THE SUPER LIKER" No Smoking Please "THE ATTENTION SEEKER" Just Married "THE GROTESQUE LOVER" "THE HATER" "THE NEWS BLASTER" "EXCESSIVE ANIMAL LOVER" "FANATICAL PARENT" "THE BROKENHEARTED DEPRESSIVE" fa SO WHICH ONE ARE YOU? Home Red Alien Update Status E Add Photos/Video The Clown Red Alien 2 mins Thinks they're funny. Wants to be funny. Attempts to be funny, but the only one laughing is them. Edit Profile What's on your mind? A News Feed Awkward no like status champion The News Blaster Messages 10 July at 9.30am - e The Exaggerated Popular Likes to try and be the first to break any kind of News, Good or Bad. 21 Events 40 mins The Exaggerated Popular became friends with - 12 new people. Somehow knows 3000 people +. Pages feed 20+ 1 Like Pages Fanatical Parent 10 July at 9.40am + Create Page The Broken Hearted Depressive Every post is a picture or status about their child. E.g "Anna ate an apple!".. "Anna used the toilet!" TMI. 1 hrs Is listening to Adele 'Someone like you' - at Home l Create Advert Not over their Ex, always sharing sad quotes and lyrics aimed at an old partner. APPS Excessive Pet Lover E Games 5. 10 July at 9.55am O TripAdvisor The Hater O Photos 2 hrs e n Gifts They've had a bad day AGAIN and they want the world to know how bad it is. They think the world is out to get them. A Music Notes r Pokes 17 The Games Geek A Games Feed 20+ 3 hrs A Daily picture of their Pet. Doesn't use Facebook for much socialising. Just sending 'Candy crush' requests to EVERYONE. INTERESTS A Pages and Public F... 1 DEVELOPER The Check In-Er 10 July at 10.00am Another long day - at The staff room - Work Tells everyone where they are, all the time. Check in at home, then work, then back again. Sometimes in places we don't want to know! W Insights The Super Liker 3 hrs Doesn't seem to post anything, Just likes everyone elses posts. They tend to keep a keen eye out on Facebook and when they see you in public know way more than you thought they would! The Extreme Braggers The Attention Seeker 10 July at 12.40 10 July at 10.30 Great Job. Great Car. Great Life. Oooh, ANOTHER pay rise? Who doesn't want to know? The Grotesque Lover 10 July at 11.30 They love their partner and they loving telling everyone else about how amazing they are. The Selfie obsessive. Daily photo of themselves, in case you might forget what they look like. Red Alien Do you recognise yourself or your friends here? Design by

How many of these online personalities can you recognise? Is one yourself?

shared by redalien on Nov 04
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For many people it can be easy to hide behind a ‘virtual persona’ and sometimes this is transparent in our social feeds.


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