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How Many Photos on Rightmove?

rightmove BIG Rightmove photo library? How is the In 2003 we held 47,625 images. .in 2012 we held 2,000,000,000! To store all of these on disc, we'd need 134,817 cD Roms. O-o0-0-0-0 OO-O-0-OO-0-0-O-0-0-O- .which when put end to end would span 856 metres! angel of the north 54 metres tower bridge 244 metres wwww the thames barrier 520 metres Rightmove CD image library 856 metres Printed out and laid end to end, our photos would go around the earth 2.6 times. .and we could give 2 photos to each of the 1 billion Facebook users around the globe. O Like

How Many Photos on Rightmove?

shared by greencz on Jan 09
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With over a million properties for sale or rent, Rightmove's image library has grown since 2003 to now hold a whopping 2 BILLION photos. Check out our infographic to get an idea of the scale of our di...


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