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How to Look People in the Eye Digitally - A step by step guidance by Social Media expert Ted Rubin

HOW TO LOOK PEOPLE in the Fye Digitally A step by step guidance by Social Media expert TED RUBIN Y! in Introductions and ongoing relationships in social platforms require the same personal attention as the human touch and eye contact in a physical relationship, so here are 12 tips for making that happen: 1 Address them by name (even if you havé to dig a little). When you're thanking someone for a re-tweet or a share, mention them by name. You might have to look at their profile to find it, but do it! Find something in their bio and make mention of it. The need for recognition goes beyond just names. Look at other people's bios when you're opening up conversation. 3 Show them that you're listening to them (reference conversations, etc.)." Stop thinking about what you're going to say next and REALLY listen to what the other person is saying. Make it personal and authentic. 4 Look for possible connections to what you like, places you've been-would like to go-kids, etc. Make sure it's an authentic connection. Don't say what you are not. Find them on all possible channels and 5 iink up-not just one. If you meet someone on Twitter, look for other plat- forms they frequent. Make the effort to connect with them on different channels. Give them an online recommendation (such as LinkedIn). Give a genuine and authentic recommendation based on your knowledge of their business or interactions with them, your effort won't go unnoticed. 7 Send a note with a helpful link or photo "just because". Reference an article link, a video or send a photo-use their name and tell them why you sent it! Put them in a list or a çircle so their social interactions don't get lost in the stream. Most platforms have list options, so use them wisely to keep track of those you want to interact with regularly. 9. As a question to get their opinion (not a poll). Asking someone for their individual opinion shows them that you care about what they have to say. Pick them out in a crowd. 10 Look for familiar handles/names and make a point to say hi individually. 11 Wish them a happy birthday and make it unique. Don't just make it a generic wish. Find a good birthday quote-add a picture-mention something unique about them... and use their name. Take it off-line. 12 Ask how you can network or refer them business. Most importantly, make it about THEM... Asking “What can I do for you today?" builds great rapport. Designed by: InfoGraphic DESIGN TEAMU 00 2.

How to Look People in the Eye Digitally - A step by step guidance by Social Media expert Ted Rubin

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Building relation, breaking the ice, introducing yourself, all these are relevant in a physical relationship, as much as in Digital realm. Sometime back we created a cool Infographic for the renowned ...


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