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How to Keep an Eye on Your Kids’ Social Media Accounts

How to Keep an Eye on Your Kids' Social Media Accounts 92% 24% of teenagers (age 13 to 17) report going online daily say they go online "almost constantly" More than half go online several times a day Mobile devices, namely smartphones, increase Internet accessibility for teens 30% have a basic phone Only 12% of teens say they have no Nearly 3/4 of teens have or have had cell phone of any type access to a smartphone 91% Among teens that go online from mobile devices, of teens go online from 94% go online at mobile devices at least least daily occasionally .... More than 65% of kids have accidentally visited an inappropriate site online More than 25% Only 10% of kids have been of these incidences were cyber bullied reported to parents Kids' Social Media Behavior Facebook is the most popular and frequently used social media platform among teenagers age 13 to 17 TEENAGE SOCIAL MEDIA USE BY PLATFORM Facebook 71% Instagram 52% { } Snapchat 41% Twitter 33% 8+ Google+ 33% 1V 24% Vine Percent of all teens age 13 to 17 that use each platform Tumblr 14% O Different social media site 11% 22% 12% of teens say they witnessed unpleasant of teenagers log *!&)#!( onto social media $#!*^% sites more than 10 behavior frequently on times a day social networking sites Another 20% say peers are mostly unkind 11% Nearly 7 in 10 social media-using teens say peers are say "it depends" mostly kind to each other on social network sites E 25% 8% of teens have experienced a face-to-face argument or confrontation as a result were involved in a physical fight with someone because of something posted on a of posts on Facebook social networking site Unfriend Restricted 22% of teens have lost a 67% of teenagers say they 43% say they would change know how to hide what they friendship with someone due to actions on social media their online behavior if they knew their parents were watching them do online from their parents Tips to Monitor Your Kids' Social Media Keep your computer in a central location Limit computer and cell phone use • Locate the family computer in a • Allow cell phone usage at certain hours or after homework is completed high-traffic zone, like the kitchen or family room • This will help you keep tabs on Internet If you have teens that have their license, activity without invading kids' privacy enforce that cell phones should never be used while driving Set and enforce age guidelines for social media use Check privacy settings Age Restriction • As soon as your kids become active in the online world, talk to them • Check the privacy settings of each social media platform and set them to private about staying safe • No one under the age of 13 is permitted to join Facebook, though it's not enforceable by Facebook because users can make up a birth year • Stress the importance of online privacy and remind kids that strangers online can be just as dangerous as strangers offline • Make sure photos do not contain identifiable places in the background • Set your own house rules and make sure kids abide by them Ask your kids to opt out of questionnaires, contests, and giveaways Consider filtering software Special Offer • Be aware of the sites your kids frequent and the people they associate with online • There are software suites available that monitor a computer user's internet usage • Kids can be especially susceptible to Internet popups and offers • Some programs can restrict Internet usage to schedule and filter specific words, phrases, and porn, as well as other illegal, vulgar, or inappropriate websites Many questionnaires, contests, and giveaways are attempts at collecting personal information Explain the gravity of an online reputation Stress how anything posted to the Internet in any capacity can be permanent; what goes online, stays online • Explain to kids that inappropriate messages and images can make a negative impact for years to come The Internet-and the social media sites on it-aren't going anywhere. As a parent, take the time to get to know these platforms, have open discussions with your kids, and set a foundation for online trust. FIX .com ....

How to Keep an Eye on Your Kids’ Social Media Accounts

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Can you believe that more than 25% of kids have been cyber bullied? Learn the truth about teenage social media use and follow these tips to properly monitor your their social media accounts.




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