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How The Harlem Shake Happened

HOW THE HARLEM SHAKE HAPPENED 1981 A dance called the "Harlem Shake" appears in HARLEM, NEW YORK Created by AI B and ORIGINALLY CALLED "THE ALBEE" AI B related the dance to ancient Egyptian mummies who, due to their wrappings, could only shake their arms when dancing hnиN) DANCERS SHIMMY their shoulders from side to side while shaking their arms 2001 The Harlem Shake goes MAINSTREAM after it is featured in G. Dep's music video for "Let's Get It" Song features P. DIDDY & BLACK ROB Album Child of the Ghetto REACHES #23 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums MAY 2012 A SONG TITLED "HARLEM SHAKE" by Baauer debuts as a free download "Harlem Shake" released JUNE 2012 COMMERCIALLY IN THE U.S. JAN 8 2013 "Harlem Shake" released AS ITUNES DOWNLOAD FEB 2 2013 AUSTRALIAN TEENS upload a video with a new dance to the song "Harlem Shake" THIS VIDEO BEGINS THE MEME CRAZE The dance featured in the YouTube video is very different than the original Harlem Shake One person dances alone for several seconds before others join in with random dance moves THE UIDEO GOT 23 MILLION VIEWWS IN UNDER A MONTH! FEB 4-10 2013 12,000 “HARLEM SHAKE" COPIES SOLD YOUTUBE UPLOAD RATE FEB 10 of "Harlem Shake" videos reaches 2013 4,000 PER DAY G TOP 3 COPYCAT VIDEOS Harlem Shake (original army edition) 35 MILLION VIEWS UGA Men's Swim & Dive Harlem Shake 26 MILLION VIEWS Harlem Shake v3 3 (office edition) 22 MILLION VIEWS FEB 11-17 2013 262,000 "HARLEM SHAKE" COPIES SOLD 400,000 "HARLEM SHAKE" VIDEOS UPLOADED O FEB 15 2013 FEB 21 2013 "HARLEM SHAKE" DEBUTS AT #1 on Billboard's Top 100 %23 Before Feb. 20, Billboard didn't use YouTube videos in its formula "Harlem Shake" is the 21ST SONG (J to debut at the #1 spot DID YOU KNOW? 1,023 songs have been #1 since Billboard's beginnings in 1958 4 STUDENTS ARRESTED FEB 23 2013 IN CAIRO, EGYPT for filming themselves doing the Harlem Shake partially unclothed BREAK DOWN THE SHAKE DOWN 100 60 YOUTUBE UIDEOS E AD AGENCIES using the "Harlem Shake" to sell products with "Harlem Shake" in the title and over 1 million views as of Feb. 25, 2013 8-00 0:32 3-16 30-32 SECONDS 3 MINUTES 16 SECONDS average length of "Harlem Shake" videos length of full "Harlem Shake" song SIMPLE UIDEO TO RECREATE 1 locked camera shot + 1 jump cut WORLDWIDE WONDER #3 #31 #1 single in the U.K. on U.S. iTunes charts single in Australia #2 on European and Australian iTunes #31 charts on Billboard's Hot 100 INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY StudentExperts STUDENTEXPERTS.COM Sources:

How The Harlem Shake Happened

shared by PenningtonCreative on Mar 08
Now that the Harlem Shake is over we can ask: How did a dance move turn into a wild internet meme? Find out the truth behind the meme in this infographic.


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