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How to Grow Your Email, Mobile, & Social Audiences

saleyforce exacttarget marketing cloud BUILDING SUBSCRIBERS FANS AND YOUR DIGITAL FOLLOWERS AUDIENCE REPORT #22 The Audience Growth Survey: How Are Marketers Growing Email, Social, and Mobile Audiences? As part of the award-winning SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS research series, we surveyed hundreds of digital marketers on the tactics they're using today to gain more invested, more engaged audiences across every digital channel. From mobile apps to email, consider this data your catalyst for audience growth brainstorming and success. THE MARKETERS SURVEYED For this research, a nationwide survey was developed and fielded, surveying digital marketers predominantly from the United States. A total of 395 respondents completed the survey, with oversight in the following marketing areas. Marketing Areas of Regular Involvement B2B and B2C Marketers B2B 36 91% 66% 37% 28% B2C 35 Both 29 Email Social Media Mobile Executive Oversight HOW DO MARKETERS MEASURE EFFECTIVENESS? Effectiveness is a subjective term. In this survey, marketers rated email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and mobile app marketing tactics by their effectiveness, but how can that be quantified? While effectiveness is ultimately unique to each marketer, it's shaped by the following variables. Most Important Measurement to Gauge Effectiveness | Quantity of audience members added I Quality of audience members added IOverall ROI Email 9 41% 12% 41% Facebook f 38% 28% 22% Twitter y 43% 27% 17% SMS 28% 19% 32% Mobile App O 21% 27% 34% EMAIL Email is still the bedrock audience of the modern marketer. Let's take a look at the top goals of email marketing and a few of the most effective email marketing tactics. Top Email Marketing Objectives Best Email Marketing Tactics 12% Sell products/services 64% Option to opt into email when viewing mobile app content 59% ate effective Generate leads 52% 35% Drive online loyalty program registration requiring email address Drive site traffic 51% 58% rate effective Drive brand awareness 51% 39% Gain customer insight/ improve retention Promote content via social media that requires email registration to access 34% use 59% rate effective FACEBOOK & TWITTER Social media has become a must-have element of any marketing strategy. Consider the most common objectives for Facebook and Twitter and the most effective tactics. Top Social Media Marketing Objectives I Facebook ITwitter 77% 36% Drive brand awareness Generate leads 35% 22 Drive site traffic Provide service/support 22 Gain customer insight/ improve retention 26% 19% 445 Sell products/services 28% Best Social Media Marketing Tactics 25% 20% Facebook ads: Sponsored Stories Product/prize giveaways with Follow required 67% 57% এ ffecthve effective 30% 27% Facebook ads: display ads (non-Sponsored Stories) Publicly answering customer service questions on Twitter 52% 60% effecthve ffetive 34% 22% Answering customer service questions on Facebook Regularly offer FAQS and how-tos through tweets 69% 59% ute elfective effective SMS & APPS Mobile marketing is undoubtedly on the rise, with SMS and branded mobile apps being two of the most common channels. Let's see what marketers are looking to get out of mobile and the most effective ways to achieve these goals. Top Mobile Marketing Objectives I Mobile App I SMS sos Sell products/services Drive site traffic 46 32% sos 33% Drive brand awareness Generate leads 32% 43% Gain customer insight/ improve retention Provide service/support 37% 325 Best Mobile Marketing Tactics 47% 65% Requesting phone number as part of sweepstakes or contest Promote app via email marketing program use 56% 59% rate fective ective 49% 65% Requesting phone number at point of sale to deliver offers use use Promote app on website 55% 55% rate ffective rate effective 41% 33% Requesting phone number to deliver a receipt Paid/sponsored advertising on social media channels 54% 50% effective ute effective You have a myriad of ways to grow your proprietary audiences at your fingertips. The question is, which tactics work best for 2 both your brand and target audience? The data in this report should spark some ideas, but ultimately, audience growth is a matter of testing what tactics will get your brand the largest, most responsive audience possible. salesforce exacttarget marketing cloud Read the full research at THE MENCE UONTH SURVE T

How to Grow Your Email, Mobile, & Social Audiences

shared by christopherpnauman on Mar 05
Getting an honest-to-goodness active social following can be tough. has created an infographic entitled “How to Grow Your Email, Mobile, and Social Audiences”, detailing the results...




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