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How to get the most out of Instagram for your small business

How to Get the Most Out of Instagram for Your Small Business There are more than 400 million 1 billion active Instagram accounts, 500 million of which Instagram accounts use Stories every day. are active every day. O Instagram 80% of Instagram accounts follow a business on Instagram There are more than 1/3 of the most 25 million Instagram business profiles worldwide viewed stories are from businesses 60% of people More than say they discover new products on Instagram. 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile every day. Add to Cart 67% of Gen Xers and 7 out of every 10 hashtags on Instagram are branded. While users are allowed 60% of millennials say they're more likely to make a purchase from a brand they follow on Instagram. to use 30 hashtags, research suggests 11 is the most optimal amount. 2018 Instagram Algorithm Shift L 70% of Instagram Posts are no longer posts aren't seen. chronological. Instagram's new algorithm focuses on users' engagement when deciding what content people see, including: 1 11 Likes Comments Video views Saves Shared posts Direct messages Instagram announced that the order of 100 photos and videos in an Instagram user's feed is based on the likelihood that they will be interested in the content. The algorithm also factors in how quickly people engage with your content and how long they engage with it. 100- 100 If users spend more time on a post If your post gets a lot of likes and (either watching a video or reading a well-written caption, for instance) the comments in a short amount of time, your post will get shown to post will also be considered higher more of your followers. quality by Instagram's algorithm. Tips to Use Instagram to Leverage Your Small Business Use your logo as your profile photo So people can easily identify your brand. Be consistent with your names Use the same name for your account name and username. These names should be brand consistent to your names name on other social platforms. Note: Usernames cannot have any spaces. Convert to a business account This option provides you with: Real time analytics The ability to add more Insights on on your stories and information about your your followers. promoted posts. company including business hours, location, and contact information. Use smaller scale hashtags #### # ## #3 You can also try While some people may discover you via very Instead, consider lesser used or more specific location-specific popular hashtags, your hashtags where you can hashtags to find a posts may get lost if a hashtag is overcrowded. really tap into the right local audience. audience. Vary your content While you should have a consistent Keep followers interested by varying look and feel, try different types of posts like a close-up product shot one the type of content day and then a picture of a scene you post. where your product is more discreet. Post pictures of satisfied customers ? Remind your followers to Just make sure to ask tag you in pictures when they use your product or service. customers before you use a photo of them using your product or service. Make friends with influencers Follow Find well respected, Follow them On occasion, those popular influencers and engage influencers may give you in your industry. with their posts. a shout out once you establish a relationship. Don't be afraid of videos Use videos to offer Show your If your videos have sound, use captions more insight about product or service in use. your brand. for people who don't turn their sound on. Be mindful of when you post Research shows that engagement is different on different days of the week and at different times. The safest time to post to Thursday has the highest Sunday has the weakest maximize engagement is Tuesday through Friday engagement. engagement. between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. To be more exact, the best times to post are: Wednesday Thursday Friday at 3 p.m. at 5 a.m., 11 a.m., at 5 a.m. and 3 to 4 p.m. Help followers buy with Shopping on Instagram With shopping posts, you To be eligible for the shopping can give followers easy feature, you must have an access to pricing and Instagram business account product details. and a Facebook Shop. Use Stories engagement opportunities YES NO SWIPE UP Entice followers to engage If you have more than with your Stories by using 10,000 followers, you the Poll and Questions can also use the features. Swipe Up feature. Reply to comments Try to respond to If a comment doesn't comments within the first require a response, hour of posting to increase you can like it with the your odds of visibility. heart feature. Add questions to your captions Occasionally ask questions in your captions that are relevant to your post. Then take the time to respond to answers. How to Set Up an Instagram Business Account Once the app is Download the installed on your Instagram app. phone, tap to open it. Tap Sign Up, then enter your email Find settings, address and tap Next Story Settings ACCOUNT then scroll (or you can tap Log in with Facebook to down to Switch Change Password Edt Profie Switch to Business Profile to Business sign up with your Facebook account). Account. While Instagram has changed, it shows no signs of going anywhere. As a small business, you can leverage this visual platform to help followers know more about you, your brand, product releases, and more. • • • • Brought to you by: com. A small part of your job is 100% of ours. :::: :::: :: .... .. : :: : : ::: : ::::: ' %24 : :::: . III : : : : : :: : : .... . . :::: :::: ::

How to get the most out of Instagram for your small business

shared by Ghergich on Jan 21
A shift in Instagram’s algorithm has made it so 70 percent of posts aren’t seen. But fear not! We have tips and strategies to make sure your users see and engage with your business account.






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