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How Facebook Graph Search Affects Your Privacy

HOW GRAPH SEARCH AFFECTS YOUR PRIVACY Facebook Graph Search will soon be released to the masses. This means your photos, status updates, and information can be searched to better connect you with the world around you. You can adjust your privacy settings, however, to ensure all your content is shared with and searched by the people you allow. FACEBOOK PRIVACY FACTS FACEBOOK HAS MORE THAN 1 BILLION MONTHLY ACTIVE USERS. 13 MILLION FACEBOOK USERS HAVE NEVER TOUCHED THEIR PRIVACY SETTINGS. 28% SHARE ALL, OR ALMOST ALL, OF THEIR 11% OF FACEBOOK USERS SAID THAT WALL POSTS WITH AN AUDIENCE WIDER SOMEONE ELSE HAS TRIED TO USE THEIR THAN JUST THEIR FRIENDS. LOGIN WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. 28% 11% PRO TIPS ON FACEBOOK PRIVACY SETTINGS Graph Search is useful and very powerful, but it's also a little scary if you don't know how to alter your privacy controls. Here are some ways to ensure no Facebook creepers look at any information that you'd rather keep personal. PEOPLE 91% of employers admit to using social networking 91%| sites to screen prospective employees. If you're worried about any digital dirt resulting in your Graph Search, set your Basic Info Edit privacy controls to "friends" only. 3 IAm: Male: A Show my gender on my timeline Public Birthday: Apr 1 1985 v A Friends Note: you can only change your birthday a limited number of times. DI confirm my age is 28 * Friends except Acquaintances A Only Me Show my full birthday on my timeline : * Custom Interested In: M Wormen a Men * Close Friends Relationship This will not appear in News Feed. Status R Upland Christian Single See all lists... PHOTOS On average, there are 97,000 photos in your Facebook network. O Edit Location O Change Date This includes 1 photos you might be tagged in. Make sure your Download Make Profile Picture tagged photos have your desired privacy control settings, or they may be Report/Remove Tag Enter Fullscreen Options Share Send Like searchable 3. What would you like to happen? through Graph Search, OI want to untag myself VI want this photo removed from i O I don't like this photo of me O It's harassing me or someone Tag hets aptin Share terd Lke nSummer 202 O Ithink it shouldn't be on Facel PLACES Discover things like restaurants and music through your friends and connections, based on location. If you're curious what location tags are attributed to your account, search for them and set the appropriate privacy settings. Tuvs wa leged - Sick so Yoar Gans Lmply eadı (Dram Cover) Who can see this? On your timeline: Friends R Tuvs wa leged Everywhere else: Kristin's friends and friends of anyone tagged Report/Remove Tag... With the public Graph Search rollout, it's important to stay aware of your content that's searchable, Public information will come up in search queries and may prove problematic if you have any content on Facebook that you don't want certain people to see. The power is in your hands, so make good use of it. SOURCES: CONSUMER REPORTS INTERNET PRIVACY AND SECURITY SURVEY MASHABLE I FACEBOOK I HUFFINGTON POST Marketo For more social media marketing awesomeness download Marketo's Definitive Guide to Social Marketing

How Facebook Graph Search Affects Your Privacy

shared by Marketo on May 02
Facebook Graph Search is being rolled out to the masses and it’s important to be aware of the searchable content you post. Public information will come up in search queries and may prove problematic...



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