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How TO Do Event Blogging And Earn Money

Event Blogging SHORT PERIOD MORE EARNINGS ANY EVENT The working time for a event The earnings earned by event blog is relatively The event may be any event but blog is a short period of time high provided the traffic is good and ads are but the work is little more well optimised and the earning time will be nearly 2 or 3 days before-on-after event day with high search volume and of low competition to get more and more effective. benefits Requirements AD NETWORK TOP LEVEL HOSTING AD www (ADSENSE) DOMAIN (BLOGGER) Top level domain is the basic need This is another important needs.For hosting Now monetization.Ad networks for event blogging.Any TLD(.com, .net.etc)is appreciable.Don't go with blogspot subdomain as it needs more and more effort to get service which needs more money. it is most recomended to go forBLOGGER as are the best way to monetize. it is free and can handle hightraffic as the server is strong unlike other paid hosting Adsense is recommended as it provides high CPC and it is the best way to earn a lot from event blog success on event day. Wonks SEO SEARCH ENGINE ΟPTIMΜΙΖΑΤΙΟN ARTICLE POSTING POST high quality articles before 3 weeks One of the big work in event blogging is the SEO.All the post you post must be perfectly SEO optimized to rank on Google.Make sure that you implement all the On Page SEO while posting articles .Do keyword research before the event and make them index to search engines.Write some great articles on the event so that it helps to rank our blog. You can post about the History of the event and full details about the blog as high quality and target for less competitive words and article.This will help to rank the blog at the initial stages.Later post your images,sms like posts that you want to get ranked with all the possible SEO technique to rank even if they are SPAMMY. for good search volume keywords.Make the article titles perfectly optimized and use heading tags and do all basic SEO and follow up with the Off Page SEO techniques. POST O LINK BUILDING AND LINK INDEXING The Big work in the event blogging is the link building.We need a lot of DoFollow links After making the post and links,make sure to rank in Google.Build as many links as you can.If the competition is more,then we have to build huge dofollow links of high quality to win the competition of positioning in google.Consider the quality than quantity. Build more quality links other than huge low quality links.You can also use sitewide they are index by google.Only the idexed items will be taken in account for the ranking factor.Use the fetch as google in the webmaster tool to index your post quickly to the google.Use the link indexing technique to index the link fastly.You can see an increase in the ranking when the links are indexed. links from other sites which boosts the ranking to a great extent. Recommendations Monetization ADS PARTNERSHIP AND AFFILIATES Event bloging is a bit difficult as there are many works to be completed within a short is to earn money.The primary way to earn period of time.It is always recommended to money from the event blog is ADS(CPC) have partners and divide the work among themselves and fully concentrate on the The main and ultimate goal of event blogging which provides earnings for the clicks and impressions.Most commonly ADSENSE.The next way of monetization is the Affiliate marketing.Here you will earn money for every sale of the product through your work alloted for each one.2 or 3 members is good.Make sure you make a good team and check whether the work alloted is completed on time and get Succeeded affiliate link. Source: VARIOUS BLOGGERS Designed By: COMPUTER KRUMI BLOGGER UNG © © WWW.BLOGGERWING.COM created by Javeth Raguman

How TO Do Event Blogging And Earn Money

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Event blogging is the new way of earning a lot of money through blogs.Now check out how to do that with this infographic - See more at:


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