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How Clean Is Your Carpet?

HOW CLEAN IS YOUR CARPET? ш Your carpet could contain up to 4 TIMES its weight in dirt AND COULD BE UP TO 4,000 TIMES DIRTIER than your toilet seat WHAT'S TRAPPED IN YOUR CARPET? Your carpet is the bi ggest air filter in your home, and can trap / remove VoC's, dust, dirt and other nasties from the air. YOUR CARPET MAY CONTAIN Dust mites Pet hair Pollen Dead skin & urine grains cells Bacteria (incl. Salmonella, Shigella, & Listeri) Dirt Vocs (volatile organic compounds) 910 out people of admit to eating food which has been dropped on the carpet. The 5-second rule is a myth: bacteria can live after 4 WEEKS on carpet. 75% 70% of people don't of people move remove their furniture around to shoes when they walk on carpets cover a stain or mark on their carpet REGULAR VACUUMING Regular vacuuming is essential, but doesn't remove deep-down dirt, mites and bacteria -............- AIR BLOWN FROM A RUNNING VACUUM CLEANER IS ONE OF THE TOP 5 DIRTIEST PLACES IN YOUR HOME. The other four are... Washing machines Dish sponges Toilets Kitchen (while flushing) trash can PROFESSIONAL CARPET CLEANING Professional carpet cleaning will: Remove deep Extend the Remove down dirt, life of stains mites and your carpet bacteria Make your carpet look brighter and cleaner HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU HAVE YOUR CARPET PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED? 12-18 4-10 The Carpet Institute of in Australia recommends every 12-18 months people have never had their carpet professiona1ly cleaned More regular cleaning maybe required if you have... kids pets allergies/asthma SOURCES TRUSTEDCLEANER

How Clean Is Your Carpet?

shared by taylordavies8788 on Mar 03
You might also be surprised to learn that the air blowing out of the back of your vacuum cleaner could be extremely dirty (in-fact a study showed it could be one of the 5 dirtiest places in your home)...


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