How Brands Listen

ALL EARS In the age of Facebook and cloud computing, listening to customers is more important than ever. It sounds simple ยป) enough, but there are tweets, online comments, and various other channels of digital communication to pay attention to. A 2011 Dell-commissioned Forrester Consulting survey of 200 Are Brands Trying to Be Good us-based companies explores how organizations have Listeners in the Digital Age? benefits of the intricate web 2.0. implemented listening and digital engagement to reap the Businesses Are Lagging Behind Their Social Media-Savvy Customers When it comes to engaging on social media, businesses are noticeably dragging behind their customers-80 percent of whom use social media. Social Media Efforts Today they aren't a core function. Half of companies surveyed say that although they are serious about their social media efforts, WHAT IS THE CURRENT STATUS OF YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA EFFORTS? (Percent of respondents) 27% 50% 20% 2% 2% Wait and see Experimentation Serious but not a core function Other At the core of our marketing efforts 6% 10% Only 6 percent say their companies' listening and digital engagement initiatives are very integral to their organizations Less than 10 percent indicate that their company has a reward program for employees who help drive listening initiatives Common Internal Challenges WHAT ARE THE GREATEST INTERNAL CHALLENGES HAMPERING YOUR LISTENING AND DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT INITIATIVES? (Percent of respondents) 42% 34% 20% 30% 17% Availability of budget Difficulty managing programs across multiple technologies Availability of talent Learning curve associated with new technology such as social media tools Privacy issues But Their Investments in Digital Listening Are On the Rise The Majority Notices and Responds to Online Feedback HOW DO YOU LISTEN TO AND ENGAGE WITH CUSTOMERS ONLINE? (Percent of respondents) 88% 80% 78% 64% Monitor online feedback Respond to customer Distribute customer Incorporate customer ideas into process and conversations feedback feedback internally Top Five Departments That Create Strategies to Listen to Customers 1. Social Media/ Web 2.0 Team 2. Marketing and/ or Public Relations 3. Web-Interactive Marketing 4. Product Marketing 5. Marketing Operations How Companies Think Listening Initiatives Can Help WHAT AREAS OF YOUR BUSINESS WILL BENEFIT MOST FROM LISTENING AND DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT? (Percent of respondents) 58% 56% 42% 37% Influencing customer perception Building long-term relationships with ccustomers Responding to customer feedback promptly Creating customer-tailored marketing campaigns 63% of surveyed companies believe that listening and digital engagement has helped them see positive results in brand awareness. The Ways in Which Different Industries Listen satisfaction Utilities a Media, Entertainment and Leisure Tech Uses listening and digital engagement initiatives to respond to customer feedback quickly. Focuses on reaching customers through social media and monitor impressions such as Facebook's "likes." Is most enthusiastic in adopting new social media programs to listen to customers' needs. satisfaction SOURCES: FORRESTER RESEARCH, WwW.TECHJOURNALSOUTH.COM CREATED BY COLUMN FIVE

How Brands Listen

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The value of listening is obvious to brands according to Forrester Research. Though only 50% of brands responded that social media was a core function of their marketing program, nine out of ten have...


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