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How to Become a Break Through Storyteller

How to Become a BREAK THROUGH STORIES 4 5 Break Through Storyteller The most What is Storytelling? overused buzz word in the marketing and communications world Corporate Identity Journalism www NEWS STORYTELLING Rhetoric Scriptwriting Since the very Why Storytelling? beginning mankind has been using stories to pass information and knowledge to the next A Stories call up emotions. A Stories provoke pictures. A Stories are entertaining. A Stories refer to our own experience. A Stories aim our subconscious mind. A Stories anchor information. A Stories selI. Successful Why Storytelling for PR? communications needs new methods to break through Information Evolution overkill & of PR attention economy STORYTELLING FOR PR Brands become Journalists media search for companies more What makes a break through story? 5 Step Model Every story needs a Every story needs a Every story Every story starts with Reason to be told. Hero. evokes a Conflict. Every story deploys Viral Power. Emotion. 12 3 45 Media & Digital Strategy Brand Message Architecture Content Style & Tonality Shaper Strategy 1 A break through story needs a reason to be told Tell your story inside out Company, Brand, not What Product: outside in Mission How Product features, explanation how a Why company works etc.: Values Believe, Purpose, Cause: Vision 2) A break through story needs one main character (hero) and other protagonists The brand doesn't always have to be the hero Hero Supporter Enemy We identify ourselves Victim and connect with one individual and not with a (target) group 3 A break through story starts with a conflict Нead The Tragedy The Journey/Hunt Past Contradiction Future Нeart The Romance The Metamorphosis 4 A break through story evokes emotions Emotion Information Nine a Enlightening - Educational - Simplification a Inspiring - Innovative - Humor fundamental emotions: a Ironic - Aesthetic a Surprise a Touching A Joy A Love A Fear A Grief A Anger A Shame A Surprise A Guilt A Disgust 5. A break through story deploys viral power across converged media "Build content around a Paid Media Earned Media brand, not • Traditional and Online impressions • Influencer relations Paid Social Media Promoted Amplification • Content Syndication • SEM Content about it." Rebecca Lieb, Altimeter Group Sponsored Content Earned Shares Owned Media • Websites and Apps Shared Media • Snackable content • Social-optimized CIERSIN Intranet foursquare Social Media Channels content E-newsletter • Social media share enabling in What is the Future of Storytelling? TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING LIQUID STORYTELLING Tell the same story but from a different Add value and let others tell the perspective: stories and spread the word to every possible connection The whole is more than the sum of its parts (universe) Visual Today Tomorrow Tsunami А Тext A Information A Image A Emotion Going to the movies: A Announcement A Story fictional storytelling Infographic created by @lliyanaStareva Source and inspiration: Ketchum @PetraSammer, Partner | Chief Creative Officer UNIVERSITY making the best better @KetchumPR creativity school

How to Become a Break Through Storyteller

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5-step model how to create great stories for marketing communications and PR. More about how to become a break through storyteller:


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