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How to Be Invisible Online (Without Going off the Grid)

HOW TO BE INVISIBLE ONLINE (WITHOUT GOING OFF THE GRID) Worried about your data getting into the wrong hands? Uncomfortable with others being able to see your online activity? You're not being paranoid. Your data is being used for many purposes. And yet, for many of us, switching to encrypted emails and fully anonymous tools like Tor just seems too drastic. Without going off the grid completely, these tips are the best way to reduce the amount of information you share online. HOW ΤΟ ΑΝΟΝΥΜΙZΕ EVERYTHING YOU DO ONLINE Don't worry if you're not ready to move to an anonymous browser like Tor, there are still things you can do to go invisible on your browser of choice. GO INCOGNITO Incognito mode disables the tracking information in your browser and prevents websites from collecting browsing information ON CHROME ON FIREFOX ON INTERNET EXPLORER O Click : button O Click New Incognito 2 Hover your cursor over the Safety option in the drop-down menu O Check for the I icon in the new 2 Click New Private Window O Select InPrivate Browsing window BLOCK THIRD-PARTY COOKIES Cookies are small pieces of data that enable i you to be remembered by an external site. Blocking cookies prevents your Internet activity from being tracked. ON CHROME ON FIREFOX ON INTERNET EXPLORER O Click = and O In top right, click and then Settings O Click the Gear icon choose Preferences a Click on Internet O At the bottom, click 2 Select the Privacy & Options Show advanced settings Security panel O Go to the Privacy tab O Go to the Cookies and In the Privacy section, click Content settings Site Data section O Under Cookies, turn on Block third-party O Select Block cookies and site data cookies O Under Settings, move the slider to the top to block all cookies TAILOR PERMISSIONS FOR WEBSITES THAT YOU ACCESS If you feel unsure about the safety of a website then you can change to prevent it from tracking you. permission options ON CHROME ON FIREFOX ON INTERNET EXPLORER O Click the right arrow on the Control Center O To the left of the web O Click the Gear icon address, click the e Select Internet icon you see: Options A Lock, O Info, or A Dangerous Go to the Security tab, and then click the Trusted Sites icon e Next click More Information A Check out the Page 2 Click Site settings Info window O Make adjustments within the O Click Sites to view the current list of trusted websites O Change the permission settings (including Cookies, Popups, Ads, Automatic downloads, Location permissions section 6 Websites can be whitelisted and information, etc.) blacklisted from here PRO TIP Use the HTTPS Everywhere extension to ensure you're always accessing the HTTPS version of a website where available. With HTTPS your connection is secure and it's much harder for anyone else to see what you're doing. ON SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS Javelin Strategy & Research suggests that users of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat face a 46% higher risk of account takeover and fraud than those not active on social networks. So hiding yourself on social media is definitely worthwhile. ON FACEBOOK LIMIT ACCESS TO YOUR FUTURE POSTS You can limit access to your future posts to ensure that they are only visible to friends. This should reduce the amount of data Facebook collects from your browsing. Privacy Settings and Tools Wour Activity Who can see your tuture posta Yu deride wh can see ur posts each time you create ane post, feceboot will use that dience for ue posts ures ou change whe hould see this Friends Your endi on Facebook PRO TIP Followers can see your posts on Facebook even if you don't wish to befriend them. To prevent this, go to Public Posts > Who can follow me and change from Public to Friends. Public Post Fibers and Tools s y i fet ends Eah ho hence y wth he p o t t nd Cema a STOP PEOPLE USING YOUR PERSONAL INFO FOR FINDING YOU In the Privacy menu, alter your settings to prevent people you don't know from using your email address and telephone number. Privacy Settings and Tools el r ptning y d and Cent You PREVENT YOUR NAME BEING LINKED WITH ADS You can now prevent your name and Facebook actions being linked with advertisements. O Go to the Ads section 2 Under Ad settings update your settings Ad settings Ads based on data from partners To show you beter ads, wee dthet advertisers and other partners provide u about your acvity of Ads based on your activity on Facebook Company Products that you see elsewhere n Facebook Compay Poducts e Ads that include your social actions ng the Page thers uing he Whe can seth 6 Select No one for Ada that O Save changes include your social actions BLOCK FACEB0OK APPS FROM ACCESSING YOUR DATA In the Apps and Websites menu, it's possible to reduce the information that Facebook apps can access. Preferences O Apos. Websites and Games O old Versions of Facebook for Mobile Tha g conerols your ability to interact wth apos This setting conttrols the privacy of ings you poet inn it facetok motle apos m de pet hae the ioe udience salecnor such as oundated versions o Facebook for acklerry. O Go to Preferences > Apps, Websites, 2 Switch from Turned on to Turned off and Games ON TWITTER PREVENT TWITTER FROM TRACKING YOU Control how Twitter collects and shares your data. Personalization and Data In your Account page, click on Privacy - and safety e Go to Personalization and data O Click on Disable all O Don't forget to Save changes Bu vor r n he STOP INCLUDING LOCATION DATA IN TWEETS Uncheck the box at Settings and privacy > Tweet Location-Tweet with a location. There is also a button here enabling you to delete previous information. Privacy and safety Privacy Tweet privacy OProtect your Tweets If selected, only those you approve will receive your Teeets. Your future Tweets will not be available publicly. Tweets posted previously may stl be publicly visible in some places Lean more Tweet location O Tweet with a location If selected, you can adda location to your Tweets, such as your oity or precise location, from the web aand via third-party applications. This setting oen more Delete location information s will no longer be visible on Tetter tor 0. and Twtter for Andoid. These updates may take some time to go into effect. STOP TWITTER FROM ACCESSING YOUR CONTACTS In the Privacy and safety menu, scroll down to Discoverability and unclick the boxes to stop others from finding you by your email address or phone number. Teeet jocation Otama ketion yn ontrT h r ty pise locton othe de t t g do do Ln Delete location information Lotonby a egte on oom Teetoand m to And ese low anyone to tag you in photos Only alow people you foow to tag you in photos Photo tagging A O Do not alowayonettagyouphoto Discoveraby Let others find you by your emal a s Let others find vou by vour aheneueter Lem motow e d conet youw pep ON INSTAGRAM MAKE YOUR POSTS PRIVATE The most fundamental change to make in Instagram is to make your posts private. From inside the app, click i to access Settings and then tap to toggle Private Account on + Settings Private account Account Settings see your photos and videos Your isting flowers wont be affected PREVENT INSTAGRAM FROM SHARING INFORMATION WITH OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES Click i to access Settings and then select Linked Accounts. Unclick all of the accounts you wish to remove. 6 four O Facebook K Wanta O Twitter O Foursquare O Tumblr O Flickr O VKontakte PRO TIP Reduce profile information. Instagram only requires you to put a username in your profile. So make your username anonymous, and don't include any other information. ON SNAPCHAT MAKE SURE ONLY YOUR FRIENDS CAN CONTACT YOU Snapchat makes it possible for anyone to contact you, but it's probably best to limit this to your friends. In order to achieve this, first access your profile tab via the gear icon. Find the Contact Me option under the Who Can heading in your settings, and select My Friends. l Ufone 9:53 PM 1 14% Settings Memories Spectacles Shazam My Friends ADDITIONAL SERVICES Contact Me Manage WHO CAN + Contact Me My Friends SELECT WHO YOU WANT TO SEE YOUR STORIES Click the gear icon, then scroll down to the Who Can section and tap View My Story. You then have the option of customizing who sees your particular stories. (Stories Privecy Block frends trom secing your Seory Acacia Briney Aiman Farpog REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THE 'QUICK ADD' SECTION Quick Add enables you to be added to the friends lists of mutual friends. To disable this option, go to the gear icon > Show Me in Quick Add, and turn it off QUICK ADD Quick Add helps friends find each other on Snapchat. You might appear in another Snapchatter's Quick Add i you share mutual friends or another connectio Show me in Quick Add MOVE PRIVATE SNAPS SAVED IN YOUR MEMORIES TO "MY EYES ONLY" Add Snaps that you want to keep private to My Eyes Only so they don't show up in you Memories. The only way to access Snaps in My Eyes Only is by entering the passcode so make sure you don't forget it O Tap the G button in the Swipe up from the Camera screen to go to Memories top-right Q Memories ALL CAMERA ROLL MY EYES ONLY O Snapchat will walk you through the rest Select the Snaps and Stories you want to add to My Eyes Only PRO TIP Pay attention to screenshot notifications. When a friend takes a screenshot of a snap that you've sent them, you will receive a notification which states "Username took a screenshot!" HOW TO STAY ANONYMOUS ON YOUR PHONE Check Point investigated 850 organizations that utilize mobile regularly in their operations. A nd 100% of them ha d experienced a mobile attack So you must ensure that your mobile activity is as inaccessible as possible. ON ios REMOVE WEBSITE TRACKING DATA IN SAFARI With the right settings you will be able to remove Apple's capabilities of tracking data when you surf. K Settings Safari aCYA CUTY O Launch Settings from O Enable Prevent Cross-Site Tracking Prevent Cross-site Tracking your Home screen Block All Cookies O Go to Safari > Preferences O Enable Ask Websites Ask Websites Not To Track Me Not To Track Me Fraudulent Website Warning O Scroll down to Privacy & Security 6 Click on Clear History and Website Data Camera & Microphone Access Check for Apple Pay Clear History and Website Data - PRO TIP Enable Fraudulent Webaite Warning. Safari will show a warning before visiting sites that look suspicious or may appear fraudulent. You can just hit Ignore it you know the site is legit. BLOCK AD TRACKING Limit Apple's ability to see what you search for on your iPhone or iPad with the goal of tailoring the ads you see on your apps. Advertising O Launch Settings from your Home screen ALL ADVERTISERS e Tap Privacy > Advertising Limit Ad Tracking 6 Tap the switch next to Limit Ad Tracking Reset Advertising Identifier. Opt out of receiving ads targeted to your interests. You may still receive the same number of ads, but the ads may be less relevant to you ON ANDROID OPT OUT OF ADS PERSONALIZATION You can prevent Google from providing advertisers with information about you, such as your location and what apps you are using. + Geogle O Go to Settings Google 3 Swipe Opt out of Ads Personalization to disable it O Select the Ads option DISABLE GOOGLE BACKUP Prevent Google from backing up information regarding your device, including call history, apps, and even what Wi-Fi network you're connected to." CLOD AND ACCOUNTS O Go to Settings Cloud and accounts tackue seinon etore O Click on Backup and restore acky d O Disable Back up my data PRO TIP Encrypt your phone. If your Android phone is not encrypted by default, head to Settings > Security» Encryption. You should then go to Encrypt phone. An online survey by The Harris Poll earlier this year determined that approximately 60 million Americans have been impacted identity theft. With people all over the world suffering from personal data issues, and the consequences of this being so serious, can you really afford to be complacent any longer? And remember, the rules change all the time, so make sure vou recheck your permissions on a regular basis. SOURCES "EA (2012. SWays to Keep Your Google Browsing Private ln Strategy, 20D Hentity Frd Hs Recrd High with 154Mlion US. Vietims in 2006. Up 16 Percent According te New Javelin Sategy& Resech Study, Stokes, N (201. The Complete Guide to Facebook Privacy Setings. Snapchat Suppon (20. How to use My Eyes Only Check Point (2017, New Check Point Research of 0 Global Bveinesses Reports That 100 Have Been Victims of Mobile Atack Symons. M2017). How to manage privacy and security setings in Salari on ihone and iPad. Apple, Ine. (201 Opt out of interest-based ads in the App Store and Apple News. Your Smartyhone "Knight J(2017) How to Keep Google from Collecting Data on Yo NOPA 20. Nearly Half of Americans Say ID Theft Likely to Case Them Financial Loss in the Next Yea AICPA Survey, aiepaong This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Aribution hare Alke 40semational License wwealivecommens.orgicenses/bysa40 SavingSpot 8 E

How to Be Invisible Online (Without Going off the Grid)

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There’s a great deal that you can do to reduce your Internet footprint and help keep your personal information under lock and key – and you don’t need a degree in computer science to do it. Ther...




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