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How Airlines Use Twitter

How X Airlines 4 Use Twitter |18 0+airlines currently tweeting. 4 the average # of tweets per day, per airline. @DeltaAssist tweets 63.9 times per day. KLM @KLM tweets 13.1 times per day. @southwestair tweets 4.6 times per day. @delta tweets 2 times per day. 5/07 JetBlue joins Twitter as @JetBlue. 1. 6 m followers of @JetBlue. AIR CANADA Class I Classe ECONOMY CLASS / CLASSE ECONOMIQUE Name | Nom Flight & Date | Vol et date Gate I Porte Seat I Place Seat & Class | Place et classe AC 231 A12 268 26B Boarding time Heure d'embarquement Where not prohibited by law Sauf od la loi l'interdit From I De To I Destination THE AVERAGE AIRLINE TWEETS ABOUT: To I Destination Name | Nom Airline use I À usage interne PROMOS 65%, RTS = 7% CUST. SERVICE = 24% Remarks | Observations Boarding Pass I Carte d'accès à bord 1m daily passengers now have in-flight WiFi access. (and access to Twitter.) followers of 11.15ImeThatkevinSmith. m @ThatKevinSmith. (during the @SouthwestAir incident.) :) 33% positive tweets about @UnitedAirlines :( 57% negative tweets about @UnitedAirlines 164 tweets directed to @UnitedAirlines per day. 3.3 tweets from @UnitedAirlines per day. How Airlines Use Twitter An infographic from Travel 2.0 Consulting. t 2.0 Data courtesy of Twitter, Twitrratr,, NTSB and a bit of proprietary research. SOUTHWEST

How Airlines Use Twitter

shared by rmmojado on Jan 23
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On a recent trip back from Toronto, I wondered, how helpful are airlines on Twitter. Are they actively using the social network for customer service or just to hock $10 bag lunches on your flight to R...




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