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The Hotel Online Marketing Mix

Popular online hotel marketing tactics and the hospitality marketing mix Targeted Hotel Growth Brand Reinforcement • Brand Search Marketing • Product Search Marketing O Remarketing O Email Marketing O Social Media • Community Baiting • Traditional Banner Advertising O Facebook Advertising O Traditional PR Shotgun Prospecting Shotgun Branding X Untargeted Targeted Targeted G Hotel Growth Brand Reinforcement Brand Search Marketing Email Marketing Remarketing Community Baiting Social Media Product Search Marketing Tactics give hotels a chance to increase their visibility in a targeted way through product search mar- keting (PPC and SEO) targeting highly specific, non-branded keyword phrases like Miami Boutique Hotels, Beachfront Cancun Hotels, etc. Hotels can keep in front of shoppers with targeted branding tactics such as branded SEM keyword campaigns (Hilton Hotel Miami, New York Ritz), remarketing (cookie-based follow' ads), social media community building email marketing, etc. HOTEL I Benefits: These highly targeted campaigns attract activé shoppers and encourage immediate bookings 2 Challenges: High competition and length of buying cycle both make it difficult to track the success of these campaigns as margins are usually tight. IBenefits: Tactics help hotels and brands target their branding efforts based on previous user engagement (targeted audience already have some measurable engagement with the brand). Also helps hotels protect against OTAS who poach bookings 2 Challenges: Nothing notable Untargeted Untargeted Shotgun Prospecting Shotgun Branding Traditional Banner Advertising Facebook Advertising Traditional PR "Shotgun' approaches to booking rooms such as tradi- tional banner advertising I Benefits: Can be slightly targeted Shotgun' approaches to branding such as facebook advertising (demographic and relationship- targeted), Traditional PR I Benefits: Typically a relatively inexpensive way to get' in from of 2 Challenges: Recipients aren't necessarily interested in buying now or creating a brand relationship which typically means lots of impressions but Jow clicks and conversions the masses 2 Challenges: 'Shotgun approach where there's no indica- tion that recipients are active shoppers or already engaged with the brand in any way which typi- cally means low conversion rates and'or immeasurable ROI THAT Agency 410 Evernia Street, STE N8 5G1832.6262 ***** Branding a Prospecting

The Hotel Online Marketing Mix

shared by rmmojado on Jan 24
The (online) hotel marketing mix is comprised of a number of tactics, each serving a different purpose with varying levels of targeting. The following Cartesian graphic summarizes some of the most pop...


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