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The History Of Social Media (1978-2012)

A History of the Business of Social Media ... :-) 1978 1993 1994 Beverly Hils Internet launches GeoCities, a service that allows users to Superhighway. Ward Christensen and Randy Suess, two computer of llinois at Urbana- hobbyists, invent the com- Champaign develop puterized bulletin board system (BBS) to inform friends of meet- ings, make announcements to the public, and Web and share information Students at the University The Internet is referred to as the Information Mosaic the browser credited as making the World Wide Web available create their own websites. Newsweek features an article, "The Internet Bahl," that disounts the infuence of the Internet and predicts it will never replace traditional media. pages as we know them today were born. 1998 1997 1995 Blogging service Blogger GeoCities goes public. GeoCities surpasses one The Web has one million millon members. launches Friends Reunited the first social network to achieve popularity, was founded in Great Britain to locate past school friends. Yahoo buys GeoCities Google launches for $3.57 billion. . websites The bubble AOL Instant bursts and the future of Messenger lets users chat. the Internet is uncertain. Blogging begins 2000 2002 2003 Seventy million computers AOL has 34 million Google buys Blogger Facebook launches for Linden Lab introduces the students at Harvard It's referred to as a college version of Friendster. An unnamed investor offers Mark Zuckerberg $10 are connected to the members Internet. virtual world. Second Life Linkedin launches as a social networking site for professionals. MySpace launches Social networking site Friendster launches. it grows to 3 million users in three months. Its user base peaks in 2008. milion to buy it. Zuckerberg dedines. 2005 2004 Friends Reunited now News Corp buys with 15 million members, is MySpace for $580 sold to the British television milon. company ITV. YouTube begins storing Facebook for $75 and retrieving videos MySpace is the most popular social networking MySpace outperforms Friendster in page views site in the US. Digg launches as a social news site where people can share content from Viacom offers to buy million. Facebook declines. It launches for high school students anywhere on the Web. You Tube Bebo-an acronym for Blog Early, Blog Often- launches as another social networking site. 2006 2007 Google gets 400 million Facebook outperforms searches a day Twitter is born. Viacom returns with an offer to buy Facebook for $1.5 billion but the deal falls through Yahoo tries to buy Facebook for SI billion, but Facebook decines the offer. Facebook extends its membership to anyone over the age of 13 and releases Facebook Platform, a service that ket's third-party develop- ers create apps for the site Google offers to buy Facebook for SIS MySpace in terms of monthly unique visitors. It Launches Beacon, an advertising system that exposes user purchasing activity and many others protest, calling it an invasion of privacy. Beacon shuts down in billion Apple releases the IPhone 2009. ............... .... 2009 .........4.......... 2008 ITV sells the relatively Twitter breaks the news Bebo is purchased by story about a plane landing AOL in the Hudson River Facebook is ranked as unsuccessful Friends the most-used social Reunited to Brightsolid network worldwide, with Facebook tries to buy Twitter for $00 Limited more than 200 million Unfriend is the New Facebook reaches more than 400 million users. It ary word of the year surpasses Google's weekly traffic. users. The site's trafic is twice that of MySpace Orford American Diction- million. Tumblr launches. Microsoft launches Bing to compete with Yahoo and Google. MySpace popularity facebook. declines to 57 million users 2010 To compete with Facebook Apple releases the iPad. and Twitter. Google The population of Internet is estimated at 1.97 billion users. The Internet surpasses newspapers as a primary way for Americans to get launches Buzz a social networking site integrated with Gmail. In its first week, nearly 30 percent of the global population. news. k's the third most popular news platform, with many users using social media and personakzed feeds to gather news. milions of Gmail users created 9 million posts. AOL sels Bebo to Criterion Capital Partners 2011 MySpace and Bebo are Apple introduces a redesigned and updated to music-based social network compete with the far more called Ping Successful Facebook and There are more than 550 million people on Facebook. 65 million tweets sent through Twitter each day, and 2 Tumblr hits I billion News Corp. sels MySpace to digital media frm Specific Media for $35 million. page views per month, 2 million posts per day and plans to start generating some revenue. Pinterest launches as a Twitter. billion video views per Facebook reaches an annual revenue of $3.7 billion. day on YouTube Linkedin has 90 million content curation site. professional users and goes public ....... 2012 Linkedin is the second most popular social media site in the US. with 33.9 million monthly unique visitors. Googlet launches Twitter reaches 12,233 Facebook fles for an IPO and plans to raise SIO billion by the time it during the Super Bowl. begins selling shares this spring valuing the company between $75 billion and Pinterest drives more Tweets per second traffic to retailers than Linkedin. YouTube and Googlet, reaching 10 million monthly billion Tweets per day. unique visitors faster than any other standalone site ever. It secures $27 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz. Twitter delivers 33 100 billion-a stock- market record. 8+ Pinterest competitor Snipit launches. SOURCES: UNCP, MEDIABISTRO, FACEBOOK, TECHCRUNCH, MASHABLE WSJ. BBS DOCUMENTARY, FINANCIAL TIMES DESIGN: DAVID FOSTER

The History Of Social Media (1978-2012)

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Social media? That’s all Twitter and Facebook, right? And didn’t it start in the last few years? Not so. This infographic takes a closer look at the history of social media, circa 1978-2012.


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Social Media
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