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The History of RickRolling

THE HISTORY OF RICKRJLLING Rickrolling originally began as an internet prank where one person would be provided a link to something allegedly awesome. When they clicked the link, they would be taken to Rick Astley's video "Never Gonna Give You Up, something decidedly not awesome. 1. MAY 2007 IS THE RUMORED BIRTH DATE OF THE WORLD'S FIRST RICKROLL, WHICH TOOK PLACE ON 4CHAN. MAY 2007 APRIL 2008 BY APRIL OF 2008, OVER 25 MILLION PEOPLE HAD VIEWED RICK ASTLEY'S VIDEO ON YOUTUBE. IT WAS LISTENED TO MORE THAN. 150 MILLION TIMES. A link supposedly redirecting to a trailer for the game Grand Theft Auto IV was instead a Rickroll. RICKROLLING is the evolution of DUCKROLLING,where a link misdirects to a photo of a duck on wheels. 2. This in turn came about when a script on the 4chan message boards changed the word "EGG"to "DUCK." DUCKROLLING IS STILL FUNNY. RICKROLLING IS NOT. Rickrolling is one of the 3. few Internet memes to have ACTUALLY ESCAPED THE INTERNET. Thus far, real world Rickrolling has occurred. DURING SCIENTOLOGY PROTESTS NUMEROUS SUBWAY STATIONS AROUND THE WORLD ATA METS GAME (METS FANS BOOED THE SONG) ON APRIL FOOLS'DAY 2008, EVERY VIDEO ON YOUTUBE'S HOMEPAGE REDIRECTED TO A RICKROLL. 4. At the 2008 Macy's 5. Thanksgiving Day parade RICK AŠTLEY PERFORMED A LIVE RICKROLL. 6. NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU WE BRING BACK UP! RICK! RICK The original YouTube video had been viewed more than 30 MILLION TIMES before it was mistakenly pulled for a terms of use violation in 2010. AFTER NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS, IT WAS BROUGHT BACK THE SAME DAY. 7. Pete Waterman co-wrote "Never Gonna Give You Up." HIS ROYALTIES AFTER 150 MILLION YOUTUBE PLAYS .WERE ONLY $16. 8. IPHONES WERE TARGETED BY A RICKROLL WORM THAT CHANGED THE BACKGROUND IMAGE TO A PICTURE OF RICK ASTLEY. The hacker who developed the worm was later GIVENA JOB developing iPhone applications. NEVER 9. THERE HAVE BEEN NUMEROUS VARIATIONS OF THE RICKROLL SINCE IT BECAME POPULAR INCLUDING: GONNA GIVE YOU UPI BARACK ROLL featuring spliced clips of Barack Obama saying the lyrics to Rick Astley's song క NEVER CONNA LET YOU DOWNI BEL AIR ROLL featuring the song cut with the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air NEVER GONNA KIP ROLL featuring Mudkip Pokemon MAKE YOU CRY 10. Microsoft uses Rickrolling as A METHOD OF PUNISHING PEOPLE who monopolize wi-fi signals at their conferences. Users who were downloading torrent files were Rickrolled. 11. In response to Rickrolling, Rick Astley wrote about 4chan's founder, moot, for TIME'S 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE OF 2009 ISSUE. UnlineSchools SOURCES: ey-performs-his-own-Rickrollhtml 16-by-youtube,2933,352010,00html,28804,1894410 1893837_1894180,00html http://www.itnewscomaw/News/167543 microsoft-rickrolls-network-leechers.aspx Design by Ellie Koning

The History of RickRolling

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Rickrolling originally began as an internal prank where one person would be provided a link to something allegedly awesome. When they clicked the link, they would be taken to Rick Astley's video "Neve...


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