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The History & Growth of Email

The History of EMAIL and Growth of EMAIL Accounts Timeline History of Electronic Mail Pre-EMAIL Innovators 1961 Tom Van Vleck - Message transaction multi-user, one computer 1969 Leonard Kleinrock - Message transaction, two computers 1971 Ray Tomlinson - Message transaction, multi-user, multi-computer 1973 Vinton Cerf, Robert Kahn - TCPAP 1973 Bob Metcalfe - Ethemet 1977 Dave Crocker, J. Vittal, K. Pogran, D. A. Henderson - RFC 733 Number of EMAIL Accounts, 1978 The Challenge High school student, (V.A.) Shiva Ayyadurai is asked by Les Michelson if he would like to create an electronic system for emulating inter- and intra-office mail across multiple offices MEMORANDUM Sa uderiak FROM. egins tarnila Dara and locations of the UMDNJ campus. TUCK FLAP-DO NOT USE TAPE SUIC, Acco cYC E LAN lod ple tida ber of honteville/Cabarrua chesh 1979 H = Memos to Electronic Mail EMAIL The attributes of a memo, To:, From:, Cc: From- "V.A. Shiva Ayyadurar Bcc:, Subject:, Body, Attachment and its delivery process, Inbox, Outbox, Folders, Sorting, Security, etc are converted to an electronic system. To. "Jack Smith ajtachnent bcei . Nordah "Bob Daniel Bc... "Mark Stephen Subject: My first EMAIL Dear Jack, Before my secretary wrote all my memos and sorted them for me. Now, I am the secretary with EMAILI 50 Weet Esse Troune Attachment Summer Report 1980 Inventing EMAIL The first version of the electronic system is designed and deployed for use at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ). The system is called EMAIL. 100 Ader l he eetr vy Mee acer le end Liringston Student Designs Electronic Mail System THE 40th ANNUAL Sciance Talant Scardk 1981 for he Westinghouse Science Scholarhips peny pun Westinghouse Award 1981 HONORS GROUP 1,000 Westinghouse Award, also known as the "Baby Nobel's" recognizes EMAIL system for its original innovation. 111-775 EMAIL Copyright for EMAIL (VA.) Shiva Ayyadurai receives United States Copyright for EMAIL. 1982 August 30, 1982 100,000 Registration# TXU-111-775 1985 250,000 Offline EMAIL Readers Development of offline readers allow EMAIL users to store email on their own personal computers. Read and compose replies without actually being connected to the network. 500,000 1988 EUDORA EUDORA Steve Dorner develops Eudora. First commercial product to be widely used for reading and sending EMAIL on Local Area Networks (LAN). 1989 Compuserve & MCI Mail 1 million Compuserve and MCI Mail become first formally CompuServe sanctioned EMAIL carriers MСІ. Mail connected to the internet. 1991 Lotus Notes 3 million Ray Ozzie and Mitch Kapor Lotus. Notes release major version of Lotus Notes (2.0). 1992 Microsoft Outlook 5 million Microsoft releases its answer to Lotus Notes: MS Outlook 1993 America Online (AOL) 7 million AOL offers an easily accessible C internet based EMAIL system. 1995 EchoMail Launched 10 million EchoMail, the first integrated EMAIL echomail, Management system to help businesses handle increasing volumes of inbound EMAIL. AT&T first customer. The Smart Way to Communicate 1996 HoTMail Sabeer Bhatia and Jack hotmail 25 million Smith launch HOTMail, soon becomes most used inemet based EMAIL system. 1997 55 million Yahoo YAHOO! Yahoo Mail offered as an = Mail alternative to HOTMAIL. It too provides web-based access through a browser. 400 million 1999 Blackberry Blackberry makes accessing EMAIL via mobile phones more accessible. Mobile EMAIL is the new buzzword. 2003 CAN-SPAM SPAM President George W. Bush signs into law penalties for unsolicited EMAIL 2005 750 million EMAIL Address Verification SPF released to validate EMAIL addresses to control SMTP +SPF SPAM. SPF release spawns other validation systems. 2007 1 billion EMAIL @ Google Google launches Gmail on April Fool's Day, after a prolonged four year Beta. GMail by Google 2009 1.8 billion iPhone 3G iPhone and other mobile devices make EMAIL even more accessible. Ap E-MAIL to EMAIL? 3.1 billion 2011 Associated Press Stylebook declares the use of EMAIL without hyphen "-", as the standard unaware of U.S. Copyright for "EMAIL" Number of EMAIL Accounts 1 million August 500 100,000 30 EMAIL 5 million 25 million 50 million ANNIVERSARY Sources (1] Westinghouse Science Honors Award Bulletin, Announcement, January 21, 1981, Science Service, Washington, DC. (2] Ayyadurai, Shiva, EMAIL: Computer Program for Electronic Mail System, August 30, 1982, Registration Number: TXu-111-775, United States Copyright Office, 1982 [3] Electronic Mall System at UMDNJ, COMAND articlo, 1981. 4) Livingston Student Designs Electronic Mail System, V 15] MIT E Amives to Meot the Ines ex Tribune, October, 1980. Talk, The Class of 1985 A raference to freshman who created E-Mail System, 1981. (6) E-Mail Volumo Estimatos from 1978 to 2011, International Center for Integrative Systems,2011. 7 (B) (9) of Gmail. [10] [11] [12] 2003 1.html. [13] [14] http://on.wikipedia. 15 http://www.phot ml dentionsinternet users 2007 Ohtml. (16] The History of EMAIL and Growth of EMAIL Accounts © 2011. International Center for Integrative Systems. Pre-EMAIL 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1985 1988 1989 1991 1992 1993 1995 1996 1997 1999 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011

The History & Growth of Email

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Here's an infographic depicting the History of Email and Growth of Email Accounts.




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