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A History of Facebook Photos

Facebook expects to have 100 billion photos by the end of summer '11 100 B FACEBOOK PHOTOS:A HISTORY brought to by 90 B PHOTO UPLOAD GROWTH 80 B you 70 B Ophotobucket Picasa 0o flickr facebook. Pixable 60 B Facebook users 50 B Facebook takes the lead for upload a record greatest number of monthly visitors to a photo site with 23.9 million The Photo application is 2.7 million photos breaking 750 are uploaded to Facebook every 20 minutes 40 B added and Facebook becomes the first photo site with an unlimited quota for uploads million photos over New Year's weekend 30 B Facebook hosts 10 billion photos 20 B 10 B 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 JESIGNED BY THELULAB.COM JUN 10 We become tagging obsessed: 70,000 people tag themselves in a single panoramic photo taken at the Glaston- bury festival. If you weren't tagged, you basically weren't there. FACEBOOK PHOTOS & US !!! AUG 08 Facebook activity affects our jobs: a nurse posts photos of a brain surgery on Facebook resulting in suspension from work. FEB 11 Court says users don't need permission to tag us in Facebook photos. Luckily we're always on Facebook to detag anyway. AUG 10 Facebook starts MAY 06 Facebook photos start to get us in trouble: students arrested because showing us photo memo- ries. Including memories of our ex's...great... Milk AUG 11 We can of photos showing posses- sion of stolen property. now tag photos with brands. Coca-cola DEC 08 Facebook censors us: breastfeeding photos are banned from the site. becomes your most tagged friend. SEPT 10 A New York state OCT 05 It all begins: Facebook gives us the web's first photo site with unlimited storage. No need to worry about uploading five nearly identical shots of your cat anymore. ruling says our Facebok photos and content can be used as evidence in court. The verdict? You should probably stop over-sharing. JUN 11 A w tattooed with 152 images of her friends' profile photos...hope no one changes their picture. man gets DEC 10 Facebook begins suggesting friends for us to tag in our photos, and thus starts a creepy, but hilari- ous, trend of asking us to tag people incredibly incorrectly. DEC 05 Our photos are illegally taken from Facebook for the first time and used by the press, violating Facebook copyright. Facebook lawyer gets involved. THE EVOLUTION OF PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK Ana K E Born on June 26 a Add your current work information * Add your education information Edit Profile Share: D Status a Photo 1 Link R Video Question What's on your mind? MAY 10 Facebook starts displaying related photos (photo FEB 09 The "Like" is introduced Photo Memories Profile Picture memories) on the sidebar 11 photos OCT 10 The download button and photo organization via drag and drop movement are intro- OCT 10 Facebook stops showing users photos of their ex's in photo memories duced Mobile Uploads 36 photos FEB 11 Facebook begins displaying photos on a black pop-up background for all users DEC 10 The photo strip on Facebook profiles is introduced You li place for breaifast. Share Download Make Prof Pixable DESIGNED BY THELULAB.COM For a list of sources, visit:

A History of Facebook Photos

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Facebook has gotten us in trouble, created a ‘tagging’ and ‘liking’ phenomenon, and helped us share all our best moments. Here is the evolution that led to profile pictures becoming significan...




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