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The History of Facebook Commerce

The History of Commerce [ef-kom-ers] If I had to guess, social commerce is the noun- 1. The use of Facebook as a platform for facilitating and executing transactions next area to really blow up.. Mark Zuckerberg SEPT '06 FEB '04 FB opens to everyone (13+) Birth of Facebook MAY '07 :.... NOV '07 MAY '07 FEB '07 FB Pages launches giving brands an eventual shop window Marketplace, FB's Craigslist-killer, opens for business APPS Platform launches; Con- nects FB to www Virtual Gifts Introduced; $15m business before closing Aug '10 FEB '09 .....* ..........* MAY '08 JUL '09 Like button gets Connect; allows users to connect FB identity to any website on the FB announces FB thumbs up First transaction on FB: a gift ordered off 1-800-Flowers web SEP '10 AUG '10 AUG '10 Target: first retailer to sell FB gift cards FB checks in with Delta Airlines launches Ticket Places, billed as a Foursquare-killer Window allowing users to book flights directly from FB NOV '10 MAR '11 MAR '11 Places goes transac- tional with Check-In Deals; users can now use FB Credits to buy real world goods FB Questions launches; tool for brands to gain insight from OREO received 10,000 answers when it asked its fans: "What's your favorite part of an Oreo: the cookie or the creme? Warner Bros offers movie download rentals starting with Dark Knight consumers ........ .*** JUL '11 JUL '11 FB hits 750m users JUN '11 FB requires all game developers to process payments through FB Credits UK's 02 launches Pay As You Go APP to let users top up their phones directly via FB F-Commerce by the Numbers Retailers' Readiness F-Commerce Transactional 40.485.186 Capabilities: Brands with FB Page with transaction capability The most Liked Facebook shop? That would belong to Lady Gaga. There, she sells merchandise from CDs to Fame Brands with FB Page, but no ability to transact 8% Brands without 15% FB Page Monster USBS 10k 10k 77% 143 Brands surveyed, April 2011 Channel Intelligence The average number of websites integrat- ing with FB every day since Social Plug-Ins were launched Number of Gap Jeans given away through FB PIlaces Check-In Deal (Nov '10) Customers' Willingness UK Users Asked About FB Shopping Habits: $34 67% Have not 89% bought anything on FB 44% Not yet interested in buying anything on FB Price spent on FB's first retail transaction; flowers from Percent of shoppers that spend more online after receiving 25% Would purchase products only if exclusively offered on FB 1-800-Flowers recommendations July '09) from their online 17% Would buy from a social network if easier than the traditional e-commerce experience community of friends Would buy something only if offered to 'fans' of a brand 57% 56% 11% 20 40 60 80 100 Havas Media Social After adding Like button, American Eagle sees order value increase this much (Spring, '11) Percent of FB users that have clicked through to a retailer's website E-Commerce Influencers: because of a FB post Social Networks Recommendation 30% 40x 5% Engines 27% 33% None of these have Increase in referral traffic from FB for FB's cut of sales an influence from any person or company that sells something using FB Credits Levi's e-commerce site after implement- ing the Like button in April '10 31% Search Engines Goldman Sachs, Mach 2011 Predicted Social Commerce Growth (Billions of $): 30 25 14 20 9. U.S. 15 Rest of World 10 16 3 12 6. 4 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Booz & Company What % of this growth will be attributed to F-Commerce? ... Sources: Facebook-Havas Media Social ·EMarketer Channel Intelligence- Goldman Sachs Booz&Co. Group- SMI Research Photo Credits: Zuckerberg via World Economic Forum - Lady Gaga via Stephen Carlile Social Media Influence SMI E @socialinfluence Researched and designed by Sonia Malpeso

The History of Facebook Commerce

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Facebook is the biggest social media network online, but how does the site make money. This infographic explains Facebook social media commerce and app sales.


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