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The History and Influence of the Hashtag

THE HISTORY AND INFLUENCE #HASHTAG OF THE WHAT IS A HASHTAG? Hashtags automatically create hyperlinks to search results or streams of other users and messages using the same hashtag It's a social media tagging system that categorizes content %23 They're viewable by anyone with an interest in your hashtag (even those outside your network) A way to search and follow keywords and topics related to your business and interests HISTORY OF THE HASHTAG (THE SYMBOL OF THE TIMELINE IS THE SHAPE OF THE ORIGINAL POUND SIGN.) 1st used as a hashtag to categorize content in IRC (Internet Relay Chat) 1988 Created as Latin abbreviation for "Ib," or "pound weight" STANDS FOR Twitter (officially)adopted hashtags into code (links) 2010 The term "trending" became associated with popular hashtags 2009 Term was coined by techie, Stow Boyd "HASTAG" If was called an "octothorpe" by engineers for the phone keypad 2007 Popular usage of hashtags on social media - primarily on Twitter ORIGIN: (AROUND) THE 14TH CENTURY The pound sign/ number key Hashtags show up on social media; started with use of #sandiegofire by Chris Messina Commonly used for a Tic-Tac-Toe game 2007 THE POWER OF A HASHTAG INCREASE BRAND AWARENESS • Creates conversations with people interested in same keywords • Hashtags facilitate greater engagement INCREASE BRAND LOYALTY • Provides audience with more information about your company SEEK BUSINESS-SPECIFIC CONVERSATIONS CREATE YOUR OWN HASHTAG(S) • You can use hashtags to host Twitter chats YOU CAN ORGANIZE SOCIAL DASHBOARDS BY HASHTAG • Keep up with trending posts/news/events for specific topics BOOSTS SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING CAMPAIGNS • You can reach more people using hashtags on social media PARTICIPATE IN #FOLLOWFRIDAY (#FF) TO INCREASE ENGAGEMENT TWEETS WITH- A HASHTAG GET 2X MORE %23 ENGAGEMENT THAN THOSE WITHOUT CREATING A SUCCESSFUL HASHTAG NO SPACES - ENTERING A SPACE WILL END YOUR HASHTAG YOU CAN USE CAPITALIZATION TO HELP READABILITY #trendingontwitter vs #TrendingOnTwitter VS. J123456789 NO PUNCTUATION MARKS! .!?& *S D-=[]<> BUT NUMBERS ARE SUPPORTED DON'T USE THE @ SYMBOL IN ANY HASHTAG (THEY TAG PERSONS/USERS) SOCIAL NETWORKS THAT USE HASHTAGS f f g+ P V O t SOURCES BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Mainstreethost DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY SINCE 1999

The History and Influence of the Hashtag

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Like any good story, let’s start at the beginning. The pound sign was first created as an abbreviation for the Latin phrase libra pondo, or “pound weight.” The symbol’s first use as a “has...



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