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A Hierarchy of Communication

A HI!ERARCHY OF COMMUNICATION Today's businesses have many different ways to communicate with customers using social media tools. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and email can help build engagement, brand awareness, and generate sales. However, depending on your message and desired outcome, one may be more effective than another. Understanding which to use when will help make your social media efforts successful. TWITTER? FACEBOOK? BLOG? Social Networking Sites And Levels Of Communication: PHATIC is the small talk of communicating, consisting of short, quick sound bites of information. FACTUAL is the sharing of informmation based on events, observations, or knowledge gained. EVALUATIVE ofers opinions, ideas, and judgments on specific topics or even other people. GUT-LEVEL is the sharing of personal and emotional feelings, usually shared with close relatives or friends. Twitter Google+ ► Facebook Email Blog What Is The Appropriate Form Of Communication? twitter facebook Google+ WORDPRESS GMail Quick many-to-many communication in 140 Many-to-many communication on brand specific fan pages. Many-to-many communication using search and site content. One-to-many communication on One-to-many communication sent via HTML email. characters or less. company sponsored blog. GOOD FOR Sharing information or opinions, asking or answering questions, providing links to published content. GOOD FOR Sharing information on your brand, alerting people of upcoming events, engaging customers through games and promotions. GOOD FOR. Building brand awareness by instantly sharing web content with circles of people. GOOD FOR Thought leadership, in-depth information sharing to educate on a product, topic or service. GOOD FOR Targeting specific customers with promotions, news, and product / service updates. MANY-TO-MANY COMMUNICATION ONE-TO-MANY COMMUNICATION Communication Timeline: Social communication tools have been around for years, but the pace at which new ones are being developed has increased in the past decade. Google+ TWITTER FACEBOOK BLOG EMAIL 1994 |2004 I2006 |2011 1971 What Type of Media is Being Published: The top forms of social media communication and resources for businesses: 67% 63% 61% 53% 53% 3. xyz" TM 4. 5. Ratings and Reviews Webinars & Company / Brand Pages on S.N. Sites Company Blog Social Media Search Podcasts Successful Social Media Communication: Disney is the fourth largest Facebook Fan Page with over 26 million fans. Disney has created a DISNEY place for all their characters to share pictures and stories, announce upcoming events and share history about the brand. Disney's Facebook Fan Page has extended the Disney brand to Facebook's 600 million worldwide users, building brand loyalty and awareness, while inspiring people to make their 26 Million next vacation a Disney destination. Facebook Fans CNN CNN is a leader in both broadcast and online news, delivered 24x7x365 through its network of 4,000 journalists. Using 140 characters or less, CNN tweets breaking news to its followers, with a link to the complete story on their website. Using Twitter, CNN is building brand loyalty and positioning themselves as the go-to source for news. 4.6 Million Twitter Followers American Express created the Open Forum blog, providing small business owners with OPEN valuable business information. With contributors like Anita Campbell (Founder, Small Business AMERICAN EXPRESS Trends), Guy Kawasaki (Cofounder, Alltop), and small business owners, American Express created a social learning space for people to share tips, tricks and other information to help small businesses succeed. 7 Thousand This Open Forum Blog helps position American Express as a thought leader and Members demonstrates it cares about and supports small businesses. OSOCIALCAST © 2011 SOCIALCAST INC. ALL OTHER TRADEMARKS HEREIN ARE RECOGNIZED TO BE THE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. SOURCES: LEVELS OF COMMUNICATION: htip:// APPROPRIATE FORMS OF COMMUNICATION: COMMUNICATION TIMELINE: Email: 1971 http://www.cs. Blog: 1994• IM. 1996 3.htm Facebook: 2004 Twitter: 2006 http:/ SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS: (Source: | |

A Hierarchy of Communication

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This infographic provides information about what is the best form of social media communication for businesses to engage in with their customers. It provides a list of the most popular social media fo...


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