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Hashing Out the Almighty #Hashtag

f HASHING OUT THE Almighty #Hashtag Tag Along: Why Use Hashtags? Hashtags make it easier for people to find and They started out on Twitter, but have spread to Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Google search, and other platforms. follow discussions about brands, events, and promotions. Individuals can see a They allow brands to track the performance of promotions across social media. 100% 100% increase in engagement by using hashtags, while brands can 50% see a 50% increase. Hashtags on Twitter Use hashtags on Twitter to categorize. 23: Tweets with hashtags get 2 times more engagement than tweets without. The Effect of Hashtags on Retweets 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% WITH HASHTAGS WITHOUT HASHTAGS This graph depicts the results of a study on retweeting behavior of more than 1.2 million tweets. Tweets with 1 or 2 #3 #3 hashtags have 21% igher engagement than those with 3 or more hashtags. But when you use more than 2 hashtags, engagement drops by an average of 17%. Hashtags on Instagram #3 Instagram, the opposite of Twitter, shows posts with 11 or more hashtags have the highest interactions. Use LOTS of hashtags on Instagram to build community. Instagram Interactions by Hashtags 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 2 8. 9. 10 11+ Number of hashtags used This data comes from a set of users with 1,000 or fewer followers. Hashtags on Facebook Facebook posts without hashtags outperform those with hashtags. Rarely use hashtags on Facebook to categorize (for business-oriented followers) or build community (for community-oriented followers). The Effect of Hashtags on Facebook 1.30% 140% 120% 100% 0.80% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% HASHTAGS NO HASHTAGS #: Too many hashtags on Facebook leads to fewer interactions. Facebook Interactions by Hashtags 700 593 600 416 500 307 400 300 188 200 100 1-2 3-5 6-10 10+ Number of hashtags per post This data represents a sample of more than 200,000 brand posts on Facebook. Tips for Successful Hashtag Campaigns A good hashtag is: Find a balance: #3 Memorable Hashtags should be distinctive and simple for followers to remember. Unique But generic hashtags, like #food, Relevant to your campaign are too broad and too hard to track. Create an easy-to-understand Create your own momentum: message: Craft a hashtag around one particular message. • Keep it short. Identify your audience's influencers. Make the call-to-action clear, consistent, and easy. Look to your fans to inspire new campaign hashtags. • Avoid anything too abstract. • Capitalize multi-word hashtags. Double check: Utilize your brand: %#: Could your hashtag mean something else entirely? Consider using your brand's name in a hashtag. Steer clear of slang. Before you finalize a list of hashtags, check if yours are being used elsewhere in an entirely different context. Proofread then proofread again: Have a backup plan: If a hashtag can be misread, it will be. Make sure when capitalization is removed, the words in a hashtag do not create other words or messages. Test a hashtag before heavily marketing it. Incorporate hashtags into traditional media: Have an alternative campaign prepared if your initial idea is co-opted. Monitor the conversation: Consider using hashtags on billboards, television commercials, etc. Worldwide Trends %23 %23 %23 %23 Live tweet during a big event: %23 %23 %23 Follow hashtags to keep track of trends in your industry. Find a way to incorporate your hashtag into elections, sports championships, awards shows, and other major events. See what your competition does, what influencers say, and how customers react. Hashtags can be a great way to engage with followers on the proper platform, to introduce new products or services, and gain traction for an event. #UseHashtags SUREPAYROLL BROUGHT TO IN PARTNERSHIP YOU BY WITH A Paychex® Company GHERGICH&Co. Percent Retweeted %23 Average Interactions Per 1k Followers Median Viral Reach/Per Fan %23 Average interactions Per Post %#3 %23 23

Hashing Out the Almighty #Hashtag

shared by Ghergich on May 04
Hashtags were all the rage in 2014 – and for good reasons. They help users find things they are interested in – or things they want to talk about – easily. SurePayroll has created an infographic...





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