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Guide to Cyber Bullying

Cyberbully y Cybervictim VS 57% 35% 27% are are are Cybervictims Cyberbullies Both .. contrary to popular belief, boys are more likely to be involved in Cyberbullying both as bullies and victims * O 50% 68% 0968% B33% s49% Cyberbullying is. Cyberbullying is.. easy Scary Because niding behind the screen means the bully does't need to look th eir victim in the eyes Because the victim doesn't know the identity of the perpetrator Cyberbullying is. Cyberbullying is. embarrasing inescapable Because it allows participation by an infinite qudience bullying, the cyberbully can easily penetrate h omes via the Internet, mobile phones and pager sy stems Because unlike with traditi onal and yet, 90% of teens who have seen social media bullying choose to ignore it WwwwwwwW-- wwwwwww- pwwwwwwww- wwwwwww- No one is 100% Bully-proof, but there are some actions we can take to better protect ourselves: Cyberbullying: Types & Tips V's Advice For Parents Contacts Tempted To Bully? For Help Bullying type: Stealing identity Description: Someone hacks into your account or pretends to be you when they set up a new account. Tip: Pick an unusual password and use letters and numbers. Don't use any part of vour name or email address or birth date because that's easy for people to guess. Try to not let people see you signing in, if someone does see you, make sure you change the password as soon as you can. Bullying type: Spreading gossip Descrintion: Someone exnoses vour secrets on social networks Help spread the word, Share this with friends: This infographic is powered by Quibly: Innovation and inspiration for modern parents discuss cyberbullying in our y 8* in community SIGN UP FOR FREE SOURCES School Psychology International: powered by PARENTING + TECHNOLOGY

Guide to Cyber Bullying

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This infographic presents data that helps children and parents understand the current state of cyber bullying in 2014. The guide provides some interesting explanations into why cyber bullying has ...





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