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Growing Baby Milestones

My GROWING BABY MILESTONES 1-3 ..... NEWBORN BABY MONTHS Responds to sound Begins to smile & laugh Stares at faces Follows objects Ooohs & ahhs Holds head steady 4-6 MONTHS TEETHING BABY Teething & first solid foods Bears weight on legs Rolls over to both sides Sits without support Recognises own name Grasps toys Mama! 7-9 MONTHS FIRST WORDS BABY 10-12 Says "dada" & "mama" Begins crawling Combines syllables into wordlike sounds Stands while holding onto something Passes object from hand to hand Eats with fingers MONTHS FIRST STEPS BABY Stands alone & takes steps Imitates others' activities Indicates wants with gestures Jabbers word-like sounds Understands "no" 13-15 MONTHS OFFICIAL TODDLER Bends over & picks up an object Responds to instructions Walks backward Can run Plays with ball Uses words skillfully 16-18 MONTHS CLIMBING TODDLER Can dance & climb Uses up to 6 words regularly Tums the pages of a book Scribbles well 19-21 Tantrums when frustrated Enjoys pretend games MONTHS INDEPENDENT TODDLER Walks up stairs Uses a spoon & fork Helps others Sets simple goals Throws ball underarm Learns up to 10 words daily Why? 22-24 MONTHS QUESTIONING TODDLER Asks "why" Makes short sentences Dresses himself/herself Plays with other children Names pictures in books 25-30 MONTHS 31-36 ACTIVE TODDLER Brushes teeth with help Washes hands MONTHS Builds tower with a few bricks EXPRESSIVE TODDLER Jumps up off the ground Names several body parts Expresses a wide range of emotions Separates fairly easily from parents Describes how 2 objects are used Uses prepositions Wiggles thumb Hops and skips Throws ball overarm 3/ MONTHS 5 YEARS PRESCHOOLER Copies adults & friends Dresses & undresses self Plays "mom" & "dad" Is aware of gender Uses the toilet on his/her own More likely to agree with rules Shows concern & sympathy for others Counts 10 or more things Tells stories This milestone chart is a simple guide to indicate what your baby could be exhibiting at each stage. Each child is unique and grows and develops at his/her own pace. Please consult your paediatrician for any further questions you might have about your own child's development. SOURCES: f baby-face Like our facebook page: keep in touch © Babyface 2013 BABY (1 - 12 months) TODDLER (13 - 36 months) PRESCHOOLER (37 m - 5 years)

Growing Baby Milestones

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