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Got Klout?

de Got KLOUT? a measure and increase your brand's online influence I T COULD BE SAID that the greatest strength of social media is its ability to easily share and spread messages. This ease of 63 communication also seems to be its greatest weakness. Ease of use breeds noise. And the line between industry leading rockstars and bandwagoning attention seekers becomes less defined. EK 80 76 Stage right: Klout. Designed to cut through the commotion, Klout provides a platform to identify industry experts and keep track of the topics you care about, What follows is a brief history of Klout and how you can increase your brand's online influence. Special thanks to @klout and @askaaronlee. 0.4 VITAL STATS (as of 11/2011) DAILY REACH 2008 Percentage of global internet users who visit As estimated by ESTABLISHED 0.3 $11M TOTAL CAPITAL RAISED 320K MONTHLY UNIQUE USERS (speculative data from 0.2 2,500 COMPANIES USING KLOUT'S DATA ... 100M # OF PEOPLE THAT KLOUT REGULARLY CRAWLS DATA FOR 0.1 2010 2011 HOW KLOUT MEASURES INFLUENCE YOUR TRUE REACH YOUR AMPLIFICATION YOUR NETWORK SCORE (how many people you influence) (how much you influence people) (how influential are the people you influence) K KLOUT digg Your Klout "Score" f 72 KLOUT SCORE VS. TWEET HALF-LIFE Data from* 335 TIME OF HALF-LIFE (in minutes) 315 MINUTES WHAT IS A TWEET HALF-LIFE? MINUTES 335 The half-life of a tweet is the time is takes for that tweet to achieve half of the total number of retweets it will receive during its lifetime. 125 MINUTES 224 25 25 113 MINUTES MINUTES MINUTES 40 70 75 80 85 90 KLOUT SCORE KLOUT SCORE VS. # OF RETWEETS Data from* AVG # OF RETWEETS PER POST FUN FACT 300 Over 50 variables are used to determine Klout scores. 200 100 15 30 45 60 75 90 KLOUT SCORE THE BENEFITS OF "KLOUT" (and the Klout business model) Some think of Klout as a high-level screening process for industry experts. Because Klout knows which people are the most influential in a given category, it makes sense that companies are very interested in working with Klout to put products in front of those who would be most likely to use and talk about them. NIKE 80 63 >K KLOUT AA 76 AmericanAirlines COMPANIES KLOUT INDUSTRY EXPERTS (companies have products that they'd like to promote) (Klout allows companies access to industry experts) (industry experts get products from companies and talk about them) HOW TO INCREASE YOUR "KLOUT" CREATE CONTENT WORTH SHARING Think about the shareability of content before you post 63 it. Try to post content that has a high shareability factor. START A DISCUSSION One of the easiest ways to increase your Klout 4 score is to have more action taken on your messages. You can do so by starting a discussion. You Tube CONNECT OTHER NETWORKS EK Be sure to connect your other social 80 networks (Facebook, Youtube) to Klout. BUILD A NICHE COMMUNITY 4 When you have a niche community of your own, you'll be able to get retweets and drive conversations easily. 5 ENGAGE WITH INFLUENCERS Engage with influential users in your niche. Jump into their conversation, message them and respond to their messages. KISSmetrics can help you determine where your most active users are coming from! KISSmetrics Let's talk: +1 (888) 767-5477 PEOPLE PAY YOU. NOT PAGEVIEWS. KISSmetrics is a powerful web analytics solution that helps you make smarter business decisions. Try KISSmetrics for FREE: Special thanks to @klout and @askaaronlee * ......... ..........

Got Klout?

shared by caldwell on Jun 05
It could be said that the greatest strength of social media is its ability to easily share and spread messages. This ease of communication also seems to be its greatest weakness. Ease of use breeds no...




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