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Good or Evil

GOOD EVIL HAVE WE SHARED TOO MUCH WITH FACEBOOK, GOÖĞLE AND APPLE? FACEBOOK Once a platform for college peers to connect, has recently become a global enterprise selling user information to third parties. THE AVERAGE USER CREATES PIECES OF CONTENT A MONTH. "Even after you remove information from your profile or delete your account. copies of that information may remain CURRENT REGISTERED FACEBOOK USERS: OF ACTIVE USERS 50%) LOG ON EACH DAY = 10 Million Users viewable elsewhere to the extent it has II been shared with others." .... -Facebook Privacy Policy II Facebook scans user profile information and shares it with third parties and advertisers to deliever a 'personalized' advertisements on the user's homepage. 550,000 APPLICATIONS In order to use any facebook application, the user must agree to the terms of use, which include access to their personal information. Decide not to download the application? Too bad. If your friend decides to use an application, that platform can access your personal information. 70% OF USERS ENGAGE WITH PLATFORM APPLICATIONS f = 10,000 Applications GOOGLE The company that once proclaimed, 'don't be evil' now adds.'unless it is good for shareholders'. From scanning and retaining personal information to censoring the internet, Google is failing to meet its moto. UNIQUE VISITORS: = 10 Million Visitors 34.9% 65.1%) "DON'T BE EVIL" YAHOO AOL BING ETC. Google has been embroiled in recent GOOGLE controversy over the idea of "net neutrality" when Google and Verizon Wireless entered talks over giving advertisers priority in internet searches SHARE OF SEARCHES: (US Only 1 BILLION GOOGLE RETAINS THIS INFORMATION FOR UP TO- MONTHS AFTER VIEWING "[Google] does retain this information for some time and it's important, for example, that we are all subject in the United States to the Patriot Act and it is SEARCHES A DAY 18% PRIVACY?| possible that all that information could GOOGLE SEARCH be made available to the authorities." ARE PROCESSED ON -Eric Schmidt 450,000 SERVERS However, Google is also collecting information to hand over to its advertisers. The majority of Google's revenue comes from advertisements. And, advertisers liké to know what you are looking at, who you are talking to and why you are using the Intenet. OF GOOGLE'S (96%) REVENUE COMES FROM ITS ADVERTISING PROGRAMS NUMBER OF GMAIL USERS: =1 Million Users GOOGLE USES COOKIES NOT THAT KIND TO SCAN YOUR SEARCHES AND EMAIL ADVERTISERS AS RESOURCES FOR THEIR ... EVEN MAIL SENT TO YOU (US. Only SELF-CENSORING THAT GOOGLE HAS COMPLIED WITH. GOVERNMENT REQUESTS OF DATA REMOVAL WI-FI SCANDAL I = 10 GB *CHINA ASKED GOOGLE TO CENSOR THEIR REQUEST AMOUNTS 600 GB 291 ?" ... OF DATA WAS ACCIDENTALLY COLLECTED DURING A GOOGLE EARTH STREET SWEEP BUT IT IS STILL RETANED BY GOOGLE 188 142 123 APPLE Apple, the once small, start-up tech company is a distant memory to the global conglomerate that Apple now is. Much like Facebook and Google, it is also all too willing to share private user data to the highest bidder. ISERS ITUNES USERS: =1 Million Users 10 BILLION PHONE USERS: SONGS DOWNLOADED AND 5 BILLION APPS DOWNLOADED Apple has used the data it has collected from iPhone, iPad and iTunes users and sold it to "partners and licensees". Users must agree to this or they can not download from the iTunes store. Applications for the iPhone can now only be written in one of three languages. That means that platforms Apple deems unworthy have to hit the curb. That includes you Adobe Flash! APPLICATIONS WITH IAD 75% A = 10,000 applications Flash is used in 70% of internet content, including Youtube. FLASH AAA A A It has also used the data to develop iAd, now on all new iPhones and iPads. AAA A A AA AAA A "I think it's pretty clear that Apple wants to regain control of the content consumers see online. -Adrian Ludwig, Adobe Sources:,,, NYTimes, WallStreetJoumal, LATimes, Businessweek,,, Google Financial Report 2010, FOCUS CHINA BRAZIL GERMANY INDIA

Good or Evil

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Have we shared too much with Facebook, Google and Apple? Make this infographic your guide.



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