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Game Change: Social Media's Influence on the Sports World

#GAME CHANGE SOCIAL MEDIA'S INFLUENCE ON THE SPORTS WORLD %23 You can spot social media's integration into sports everywhere. Mississippi State changed their football end zone to #HAILSTATE, and professional lacrosse players have Twitter handles on their jerseys instead of their names. These days, more fans prefer getting their sports news from Twitter and Facebook than national news websites, and they're engaging their favorite athletes the same way. FOR THE FANS Box scores and game recaps can still be found in the newspaper and on TV, but fans are looking for more than that now. They want live updates, active participation, and behind-the-scene looks at their favorite sports teams and players. Social media has given sports fans virtual box seats. 0% 50% 100% 83 percent of sports fans will check sports social #ALLSTAR media sites while watching the game on TV. Major League Baseball saw a 36 percent 0% 50% 100% surge in all-star ballot-voting when it launched aggressive hashtagging 63 percent will even browse sports social campaigns on Twitter. media sites while they're at the actual game. SOCIAL MEDIA VALUABLE PLAYERS To engage sports superstars, fans used to have to write letters or hang around after the game to try to get their ball or card signed. Now, social media allows fans to reach the players. Some professional athletes specifically go out of their way to engage their fans, which can pay off for the athletes in some cases. Rajon Rondo BOSTON CELTICS, POINT GUARD Nick Swisher NEW YORK YANKEES, 3RD BASEMAN Larry Fitzgerald ARIZONA CARDINALS, WIDE RECIEVER #LooseBall Breast Cancer Awareness In addition to donating $1,000 per catch and Tweet Race This Twitter hashtag was responsible for Swisher participated in a race from Tampa to a scavenger hunt of sorts. Boston Celtics Dallas as one of four celebrity "coaches" and $10,000 per touchdown during October fans could score cool swag and even a had to use his Twitter followers to earn (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), Fitzgerald big prize for being the first one to the gasoline for his team. Due to his offered 10 cents for every new Twitter disclosed location. participation in the race and some social follower. He ended up donating $19,000 for media campaigning, Swisher earned a catches and $15,000 for Twitter. fan-selected spot in the MLB All-Star Game. STAR PLAYERS Athletes can be MVPS on and off the court now, as media outlets dub more sports professionals "social media all-stars." Whether they're seeking out their fans or becoming one of the most talked-about athletes on the Internet, many athletes are enjoying a rise in social media stardom. ATHLETES WITH THE MOST TWITTER FOLLOWWERS @KAKA @CRISTIANO @SHAQ a KINGJAMES @NJR92 Cristiano Ronaldo Soccer Player Shaquille O'Neal Retired Basketball Player LeBron James Basketball Player Neymar Junior Soccer Player Kak√° Soccer Player 9,862,492 8,491,741 5,446,378 4,231,251 3,949,459 DRAFTED BY SOCIAL MEDIA Two athletes whose fame skyrocketed thanks to social media are Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin. These young athletes were embraced by the quick-paced, several-conversations-at-once culture of Facebook and Twitter and pushed into the spotlight because of it. TIM TEBOW JEREMY LIN In 2011, social media couldn't stop In 2012, by way of social media, Jeremy Lin brought "Linsanity" into the talking about Tim Tebow, and it hasn't seemed to slow down in 2012. It didn't American lexicon and even the hashtag help when "Tebowing," praying on one #SILinsanity to the cover of Sports knee with a fist against the forehead, Illustrated. He dominated social media became an Internet meme. conversations and became a well-known star in less than a week. 9,420/s TWITTER FOLLOWERS Tim Tebow now holds the record FEB 1ST. for most related tweets per second. 28,505 After an 80-yard touchdown pass, Tebow-related tweets were posting ......... MAR 1ST. at 9,420 per second. 600,633 FOULS & FUMBLES Professional sports teams and college athletic departments have had to start including social media into their budgets in recent years-not to reach sports fans, but to monitor their athletes' social media use. For universities, companies such as MVP Sports Media Training offers packages that cost $1,500 per year for one team, or $5,000 per year for more than 500 student athletes. NFL running back Larry NFL wide receiver Chad NFL running back Rashard Last year, after a long streak of Mendenhall was dropped from bad press, Tiger Woods asked his Twitter followers to go ahead Johnson insulted his Kansas City Ochocinco was fined $25,00 Chiefs coach on Twitter after a for using Twitter during a an endorsement deal with frustrating game. After a few preseason game. Champion for his tweets and ask him anything they heated interactions between regarding Osama Bin Laden's wanted and he would answer. Johnson and Twitter users, death and 9/11. The online Q&A session earned 32,000 fans petitioned for the Woods praise for authenticity running back to be released and fan engagement. from his contract, and the Chiefs agreed. As Twitter and Facebook continue to contribute to, change, and personalize sports culture, sports players, teams, leagues, and news outlets have to welcome social media to the game. 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Game Change: Social Media's Influence on the Sports World

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You can spot social media's integration into sports everywhere.These days, more fans prefer getting their sports news from Twitter and Facebook than national news websites, and they're engaging their ...


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