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Fueling Modern Movements in the Digital Age

FUELING MODERN MOVEMENTS IN THE DIGITAL AGE HOW TO IGNITE THE POWER OF PASSION, PEOPLE AND DIGITAL MEDIA FEED YOUR PASSION Passion is the only prerequisite for creating a movement Something stirs in you, causes you to take action and build a movement. Become the passion person. Teach others about your movement and create a way for people to act out their passionate feelings. "A movement is an idea that spreads with passion through a community." "Passion enables movements to grow and have a significant impact on culture." w SI iai Tribes We Need You te laad Us IPRISING Seth Godin Founder of and author of 17 books Scott Goodson BE THE WORLD- LEING OVEMENTS SETH G Founding partner of StrawberryFrog odson For Every Passion There is a Movement Making jewelry Etsy Saving at-risk pets ARM (animal rescue) Victorian style + gadgets Steampunk The pursuit of happiness The Happiness Project Improving lives of poor kids Tom's Shoes Independence in old age Aging-in-place Doing good deeds, easily Pepsi Refresh Project Adapted from Scott Goodson's Uprising 2 CONNECT EMOTIONALLY Powerful storytelling ignites emotion Your story is the pulse of your movement. Turn your personal passion into a universal story such as hope, safety or health, to build emotional connections. Sharing your story becomes a personal, emotional experience. Authentic and real stories originating from your passion organically spark emotion and action. "I want the children whose parents don't The Girl Effect send them to school to be educated." Passion: Maximizing the potential of adolescent girls as agents of change worldwide. Purpose: Inspire the world's most influential leaders to get the 250 million adolescent girls who live in poverty on the global development agenda and drive resources to them. Results: By sharing stories like that of Adeela, the Girl Effect has grown to hundreds of thousands of advocates, including Oprah Winfrey. Adeela Arab Spring Passion: Bringing political justice to the local governments over issues of basic human rights and political corruption. Purpose: Through social media, call for and coordinate protests of government and to share information about this pro-democracy movement. Results: Demonstrations throughout the Arab world and protests in 12 countries with 4 governments overthrown throughout the 2 years of revolt. Arab Spring 3 ENGAGE ADVOCATES Advocates are key to spreading the movement Know who you're talking to when building a movement. Create advocates by being where they are and using their voices. Once you've created your advocates, ensure your movement is self-sustaining and rewarding for your most passionate evangelists. 4 FUEL THE CAMPAIGN Keep fueling the movement Spread your story quickly and effectively. Create strategic communications and develop a recognizable brand with consistent messaging through appropriate channels – Empowering Volunteers and Building Leaders. Modern movements are digitally connected. Through an online hub, social media channel integration makes it easy for advocates to participate and spread the movement. ................. . ·...... ......………........ in ..................... You Tube Produced by: MAGNIF Y GOOD

Fueling Modern Movements in the Digital Age

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Four steps to fueling a movement. Something stirs in you, causes you to take action and build a movement. Become the passion person. Teach others about your movement and create a way for people to...




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