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Freemium Pie

This tasty recipe is for Hoo Sute freemium Pie, featuring the key favors of Saas and Social Media. However, Freemium Pies can Come in many varieties. Freemium leaders like Skype, Evernote and Pandora have made their Own pies with ingredient variations which are also délicious. FREEMIUM PIE Recipe braught to yo by Ehootsuite •I fresh idea, split into 2 unequal parts . %2 Free Users .42 Premium Users INGREDIENTS •| Handful of Social Networks •I Gigantic Cloud-based Server System • 6/GB of Storage Cast International Flavors to Taste INSTRUGTIONS Hoot Suite now has 4 milion users! That happened recently. "Aust wanted'to mention it. {A SLICE OF PREMIUM} Begin with only the freshest ideas. The best ideas solve a problem, and have a lttle something special built in that Can be expanded upon. HootSuite's users break down to 96% Free and 4% Paid 96% 4% Tap a market that is going through éxplosive growth. Find the next cupcake, CORPORATE SOCIAL SPENDING Corporate spending on Social Media is climbing at a rate of 64% per year macaron, or Cakepop. Put on Chef's hat your and get to work! 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Rent a really fancy kitchen. You don't need your own set of high-tech kitchen appliances-just what you need from the great kitchen in the clouds. '(Pie in the sky!) SCALABILITY OF THE CLOUD Animoto went from 70 to 8,500 servers in 5 days. Try doing that without a cloud-based server system. "We don't own a single 212 SERVER CABINETS server. We like to joke that the mast expersive 10,000 SQ FT FLOOR SPACE Thing we own in our office VS 4 MEGAWATTS POWER is an espresso machine. " - Jason Hsiao, 1300 TONNES OF AC CAPACITY 17,000 NETWORK PORTS President Animoto 8,500 DIY Servers 1 Cloud { SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE} your with Social, Networks. Mix well. Add international flavors, based on global enjoyment of pies për area. Combine free users Social Networks reach 1.2 billion people 1.85 BILLION 1.66 BILLION 1.43 2014 BILLION 1.20 BILLION 2013 82% 2012 ONLINE WORLD USES SOCIAL MEDIA 2011 % of internet users who use social media 98% US 97% BRAZIL 88% SOUTH AFRICA 53% CHINA SPAIN DATA STORAGE COSTS} Get yourself some storage. Ingredent storage pričes have droppéd ridiculasly in recent years! "A decade ago, ony the finest chefs could afford this kind of capacity. Cost of storage per Gigabyte has dropped 99.99% over 30 years 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 A generation ago, "big", ad campaigns typičally relied' on a mássive media buy. Today, a viral Campaign leverages a big" idea by using the online Community as a free médium. Avoid traditional advertising budget additives, by amplifying user voice thrốvgh Sacial Media. Free users have shown to be more nutritious in terms of ROl content than traditional marketing additives. { LOW USER ACQUISITION COSTS} Using smart Social Media strategy, HootSuite reached 4 Million users at very a low cost per user. 11¢ Terry O'Reilly and Mike Tennant, "The Age of Persuasion How Marketing Ate our Culture" $302 Cost per free user Cost per paid user be prepared to share. Bake extra, don't skimp on ingredients, make enough for everybody. It's called a báker's dozen for a reason. Sharng equals ot Sute. Commrnity eguals hootsuite Social Media Dashboard OUR DATA SOURCES HootSuite is built to enhance communication through social media. Brands can securely collaborate with teams to engage across multiple social networks and accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, Google+, YouTube, A Slice of Premium: Internal HootSuite data based on current acqusition rate. Corporate Social Spending: companies/55029088/1 Flickr and more. With advanced measurement tools to help your business gauge and report on success, and a growing app directory, the HootSuite dashboard will revolutionize your social business. Scalability of the Cloud: Server stats from our own IT guy, Chris! Social Media Usage: Learn more at Data Storage Costs: Lower User Acquisition Costs: Internal HootSuite data $591 MILLION $952 MILLION $1.5 BILLION $2 MILLION $2.4 BILLION $113,000 $3.9 BILLION 000 SS $350 S0.4 DILLIOIN $20 $1

Freemium Pie

shared by HootSuite on Nov 17
What are two things that everyone loves? Pies and infographics. What did we do at HootSuite? Combine those two things to illustrate the parallels between the Freemium Business Model (used by the li...


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