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FISH TANKS Saltwater VS Freshwater

FISH TANKS FRESHWATER SALTWATER VS THE FIRST STEP TO OWNING A FISH TANK IS CHOOSING FRESHWATER Or SALTWATER ** SELECTING A FRESHWATER TANK IS OFTEN THE RECOMMENDED CHOICE FOR A BEGINNER Freshwater aquariums are often WHY? considered: Saltwater aquariums are: - I EASIEST TO MAINTAIN I MORE EXPENSIVE THAN FRESHWATER TANKS I PRESENT FEWEST RISKS/HAZARDS I LOWER COSTS MORE PRECARIOUS TO MAINTAIN TYPES Freshwater aquariums can be broken down to Saltwater aquariums can be broken down to - I TROPICAL I FISH ONLY I COLDWATER I FISH ONLY WITH LIVE ROCK I BRACKISH I REEF TANK The cost of starting up your aquarium would depend on the types of freshwater/saltwater aquarium you choose as each may require different types of equipment. Then it comes down to stocking your aquarium. General cost of stocking your aquarium - COSTS CHICHILD $3 GOLDFISH $30 CLOWNFISH $75 BUTTERFLYFISH GOURAMIS TETRAS $15 DOTTYBACK BETTA $20 BLENNIES FRESHWATER PLANTS TYPICALLY LIVE CORAL AND OTHER SALTWATER PLANTS COST $2-$25 -$50-$250 COST Despite the responsibilities associated with a saltwater tank, the NATURAL BEAUTY of maintaining such unique MARINE life is REWARDING enough to offset the challenges Additionally, saltwater aquariums enable owners to cultivate livestock that is much more VIBRANT and COLORFUL than what is found in a freshwater tank WEIGH YOUR AQUARIUM OPTIONS Ultimately, you should weigh your options. If cost is an issue, freshwater tanks are the best bet. But if costs is not an issue and you want a lot of colour and variety, saltwater aquariums is the way to go. BROUGHT TO YOU BY Home Aquaria sources:

FISH TANKS Saltwater VS Freshwater

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Fish are exquisite, aquatic animals that are not only beautiful to behold, but also known to have therapeutic effects, well! Saltwater aquariums are more expensive than freshwater tanks, and often mor...


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