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Fake it or make it

Fake it o make it то Should You Buy Your Way to Social Media Fame? In today's digital environment, influence and popularity matter. Whether you're a startup looking to gain traction, on the hunt for a job, or an entertainer trying to book gigs, it may be tempting to purchase followers. But is risking your reputation worth it? Let's take a look... Who's Faking It? Some of the most common professions seen with fake followers are Comedians Actors Politicians Musicians STARTUPS, BLOGGERS, AND JOB SEEKERS HAVE ALSO BEEN KNOWN TO PURCHASE FOLLOWERS Inactive 40.9% According to John Greathouse, the averages for the top 15 Twitter personalities are: Fake 30.4% Real 28.7% @johngreathouse Status According to the Fake Follower Check tool ( from People StatusPeople (note: StatusPeople state that their results are inexact): Lady Gaga President Obama Shakira Oprah Has: Has: Has: Has: 39M 34M 22M 20M 71% 70% 79% 74% Fake Fake Fake Fake In 2012, Mitt Romney was accused of having fake followers, having gained 80% of his 800,000+ (now 1.5 million) within 3 months. In just 3 months 800,000 fans 640,000 His following saw a 17% spike in one day: July 21, 2012. fans You Tube Some businesses have been Both YouTube and Twitter have outsized fake followings of 30% and 37% respectively. accused of paying for reviews on sites like Yelp and Google+, sometimes finding reviewers on Craigslist. What's the Price of a Large Following? .surprisingly inexpensive. The average price is .01 per Follower ($10 for 1k Followers). Prices according to Wired magazine: $3.100 $3000 IM Views $1500 $1,750 $1000 IM follow -ers $699 $484 $500 20K $399 Likes 10K follow 250 Comm -ents $250 $200 -ers $95 $75 100K $100 5K follow views 5K follow -ers -ers $50 f You Tube V t Facebook Pinterest Twitter YouTube Instagram Blogs Vimeo Tumblr Delivering Company However, these sites will deliver followers in the form of bots and "hollow" or inactive accounts Why Real Trumps Fake Fake followers won't add any substantive engagement to your social networking. K Status People TWITTER Counter yelp On, They're likely to detract from metrics like your Klout score ( If a company has too many fake or suspicious reviews, Yelp marks it with a note stating the company was found trying to manipulate their system with fake reviews. Employers can now weed out the imposters there is the option to on Twitter using applications such as's Fakers application. enter a name and used to measure online receive a 3-month view of the follower count. If influence. there are irregular significant jumps, then all signs point to fake. Fakers Risk Getting Caught and Banned from Social Sites... f f f f f f f f ff f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f ff f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f ff ff f f f ff f f f f f ff f ff A F A Facebook's headquarters reported approximately 83 million fake Facebook accounts that they're cleaning up. How to Spot a Faker The average faker has twitter Home Profie Fed People Semings Help Sgn our The average age of a fake account is about 5 Nametadees 48,885 followers and follows 1,800 people. John Doe 18,000 48,885 ng e Updates months. Faotes Actions Dleades AMAr mHoodi 75% of fakers They have multiple are advertising a website URL in their profile followers without a profile photo. 75% Ve Promotional tweets and the default "egg" avatar are hallmarks of phony accounts. They don't seem to talk to anyone, and no one seems to talk to them This post is great! Content posting is Watch for Facebook One study says 97% accounts with lots of likes but very little discernible user inconsistent and it's of fake Facebook low quality with the same messages over and over again. profiles identify themselves as activity. female, while only 40% of real users do. Sources bizjournals com/houston, equilizermag com, forbes com, mediabistro com, topdogsocialmedia com, Whols HostingThis? wired com, wordstream com KTECHINFOGRAPHICS.COM MAKE INFORMATION LOOK BEAUTIFUL ..... ..... Socialyup com Pinfol com FanMeNow com 500views com Buy-More-Fans com CommentHunt com SocialNetworkBooster net ..... ..... .....

Fake it or make it

shared by mantas.malukas on Jan 13
shocking facts and numbers about most popular social accounts. Political icons, world star musicians and famous actors are followed by up to 79% fake social media accounts


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