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Facebook Wall of Shame: Facebook's Failures, Criticisms and Missteps

facebook. wall of shame FACEBOOK'S CRITICISMS, MISSTEPS AND OUTRIGHT FAILURES Privacy Snafus Facebook persuaded millions of people to share stuff about themselves under the guise of privacy. Search Visibility A Who Can Find You on Facebook? V Everyone on Facebook Friends O Friends of Friends My friends and their friends can see this. But privacy may not have always been on the top of the founder's priority list.. O Only Friends 1 Yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard According to SAI sources, the fol- lowing exchange is between a 19- Only friends can see this. 1 Just ask. 1 I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SNS Networks V All of My Networks Some of My Networks... None of My Networks year-old Mark Zuckerberg and a friend shortly after Mark launched The What? How'd you manage that one? People just submitted it. I I don't know why. 1 They "trust me" 1 Dumb f***s. Okay Cancel Facebook in his dorm room: UX Changes Facebook remembers everything you do... and with the new Timeline feature it tells everyone. Facebook frequently changes its user interface. IN SEPTEMBER 2011, IT UNVEILED A NEW LAYOUT INCLUDING A "TIMELINE" PAGE WITH THE HISTORY OF EVERYTHING YOU'VE EVER POSTED OR SHARED. The changes are almost always met with complaints and disappointment as well as new privacy concerns. "Facebook's changes may expose users to targeted attacks from cybercrimi- nals, spambot infestations like the ones that plague Twitter, interactive scams, and other unwelcome threats" Resulting in... Users feeling creeped out. and at least one Security Expert saying HEY LOOK time ticker spambar sidebar. AT ME! Facebook also launched a real Users almost immediately called it "spam" and a "noise machine" and were trying to hide it as soon as it was released. (PC Mag said it looks suspiciously similar to an older version of Facebook.) I DARE YOU TO TRY TO IGNORE ME.,2817,2393593,00.asp#fbid-htXHEoUxQuq Facebook Deals It lasted just four months. O HOPED TO CAPITALIZE ON THE facebook SUCCESS WHICH WAS ALREADY ENJOYED BY COMPANIES SUCH AS: Sorry, something went wrong. GROUPON livingsocial We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. Go Back Even with their massive social base, Facebook Deals was not able to gain the traction it needed to be successful. Facebook © 2011 Help Facebook Gifts WHEN YOU WANT TO LET SOMEONE KNOW THEY'RE WORTH A DOLLAR. 2007- 2010 2 Gifts Virtual Gifts Each virtual gift cost $1. All Gifts Search Gifts Gifts were small icons of novelty items created by former Apple designer Susan Kare. HAPPY In November 2008, Facebook changed the payment structure slightly. To a "credit" based structure 10 credits 10 credits 10 credits 10 credits Facebook Gifts was discontinued in 2010. 10 credits 10 credits 10 credits 10 credits facebook lite Facebook lite 2009 - 201O The fastest way to keep in touch. Facebook Lite makes it easy to share your life with your friends and family. The "lite" version of Facebook, Preview Facebook Lite created to require less bandwidth for more optimal use on slower or intermittent connections. You must have a Facebook account to try the public preview of Facebook Lite. Email Password Remember me Facebook Lite was only available for eight months (8/09 - 4/10) before the company discontinued it. Login FBML LET'S HOPE YOUR SMALL BUSINESS Facebook Markup Language MODEL WASN'T BASED ON FBML CODING. Facebook's own version of HTML, now deprecated. FBML was primarily used for businesses to create custom landing pages on their facebook fan page. facebook ОСТОВER 1ОТН THE OFFICIAL FACEBOOK IPAD APP FINALLY RELEASED. Search News Feed Jorn van Dijk OPhoto OStatus Check in E News Feed |it's barely distinguishable from unofficial Facebook Messages D Ever apps like MyPad & Friendly. Frende Fails to impress. (One exception: It links to iPad versions of any Facebook-powered apps you use, such las Zynga Poker.) E Facebook Design * Criique Doesn't do anything new. A Design Recruiting m Sota Palo Allo Pickup Bask. Jared Newman Testing out the new iPad ap. O Photos @GRAYWOLF ON TWITTER points out that the app doesn't email out links and 20% of the screen is wasted on chat. Notes O Account Facebook Messages Launched in 2010 Facebook wanted to integrate mail into their platform, and did so in 2010 with the launch of Facebook Messages, which allowed users to send & receive New Message To: messages with an email address. Type the name of a friend, list, or email address Subject: Message: Upon it's launch, it was touted as a "Gmail killer." Attach: O Send Cancel Evidence of that happening any time soon, or at all, has not been forthcoming. Facebook Places Dead. Murdered. Carrier 11:18 AM Pace Facebook HO facebook Facebook HQ Facebook itself killed it and Google See where your friends are and News Fshare where you are. added the ability to update the location for anything you share images, updates, posts. ucp nol a Tag Friends With You Check In Places facebook Recent Activity 31 Places Couldn't keep up with Foursquare! Kate ONe Tagged: Nicole Jackson Colace Events When the Whele Internet Facebook Was Down WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THE INTERNET DIDN'T GIVE AN F? On September 23, 2010 Facebook had its worst outage in years. The site went down for several hours, & almost took the Internet down with it. Facebook Groups & Lists FACEBOOK LAUNCHED GROUPS AND LISTS Problem: Nobody used it. The features were rolled out well after people had already friended people they knew – and who wants to go back and re-categorize everything? Later this month they rolled out "Smart Lists" which automatically put people into "circles"? It's just a face to Facebook's Edgerank, which is the sensor which tells Facebook what's important and what is not and it's filtered by these "circles." Circles... Now where have we heard that before??? Facebook / Goldman Sachs Deal It was supposed to be Wall Street's hottest tech deal in years: the private offering of as much as $1.5 billion in shares of Facebook Inc. Goldman bankers burned up the phone lines in the first week of January, pushing many of their best American clients to invest in the deal. And then, on Sunday and Monday, those same advisers were on the phone with those same clients with some bad news. They wouldn't be getting any Facebook shares after all. Goldman Hey Client, you should buy this facebook stock before they go public. Yes, do put me down for 2 Million Dollars worth won't you? Sachs No. Sorry about that. Facebook's Revenue FOR THE FIRST QUARTER OF 2011, FACEBOOK MISSED THEIŘ EARNINGS GOAL BY 25%. 500 million dollars Seems like a lot, considering they are the social juggernaut of the world. IN JUNE 201ı Facebook lost 6 million active users in the US. This was the first time the number Facebook users declined. Globally however, their numbers continue to grow. MAY 44 31ST 2010 "Quit Facebook Day" WITH 39,401 COMMITTED FACEBOOK QUITTERS Around the same time, a survey reported that 60% of users were thinking about quitting. WHAT WILL FACEBOOK FAIL AT NEXT? presented by developed by WordStream

Facebook Wall of Shame: Facebook's Failures, Criticisms and Missteps

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A detailed look at the Facebook wall of shame, highlighting Facebook's criticisms, missteps and outright failures.





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