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Facebook vs. Television

facebook vs television VS Living in a digital age, with things like smartphones, tablets, and laptops makes it easy to stay connected. People in the UK are now logging a lot more Facebook time compared to watching television these days. Television viewing on traditional sets is slowly on the decline in the UK as people spend more time on the social network site. The national daily average of time spent on facebook on smartphones is 2 hours. Here's a look at more interesting facts. f in the UK facebook UK Facebook User Age Breakdown UK Facebook User Gender Breakdown 4.6% 55-64- 1.8% 65+ 1.1% -13 10.0% 45-54 12.6% 14-17 48.1% Male 51.9% 17.7% 35-44 25.9% 18-24 Female 26.4% 25-34 Number of Active Facebook Users by UK City O= 100,000 facebook users London Manchester Birmingham Sheffield Edinburgh ooooO Leeds Liverpool oo00 Glasgow Hours per month spent on Facebook: 06:09:32 6 hours 2009 05:41:20 5 hours 2010 4 hours 3 hours 2 hours 1 hour The Brits.. North Sea Edinburgh Glasgow United Kingdom Darington o Leeds nootondetTy Belfast sle of Man Preston O Dublin Rotherhan Manchesten Ireland Leicester 7 out of 10 Brits have a Facebook account imerick O Birmingham o Bristol London Wokngo Southamptono Cork Cardiffo o Bru O Brighton Le Havre 36% 91% 62% of Brits have (smartphones) have access to Facebook on their smartphones of Brits choose a smartphone or laptop to take on holiday Daily Intake IX VI 2.5 hours MMMAMAMASASASASMMAN (3000 Brits surveyed) facebook spend 24% 35 hours 2 hours on Facebook Yahoo facebook (48 million) Flirtomatic 1.95 hours (54 million) Vodafone (89 million) Apple (104 million) national daily smartphone Facebook time AOL (106 million) Orange sites (138 million) Brits check times Facebook 1,52 a day from their Microsoft (165 million) smartphones Google (395 million) Facebook (2 billion) Traditional TV on the decline of Brits watch 40% 2.5 hours 1 in 4 watch tv on a traditional set of online television everyday 73% 49% of Brits would rather be on Facebook than watch tv Sources: of Brits say EXPANSYS that Facebook is always on BE FIRST mobile minutes spent online in the UK Dec. 2010 daily average П

Facebook vs. Television

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This infographic provides information of Facebook use vs. television viewing to show that people spend more time using Facebook now than they spend watching television. It also breaksdown Facebook use...




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