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Facebook Update Raises Red Flags

FACEBOOK UPDATE RAISES RED FLAGS: Six Privacy Concerns Around The Social Giant's Yet another redesign of Facebook's user interface has surfaced. Facebook continues to push the limits on the amount of content New Features users can share and follow. At the social networking site's f8 conference on September 22, Mark Zuckerberg announced the future face of Facebook. Are the new Timeline and Open Graph apps concerning you? What Facebook's new Timeline and Open Graph apps mean for you 800 86% MILLION STRONGLY ACTIVE USERS DISLIKE These new features make it easier, and in many ways push Facebook's more than 800 million active users, to share more information about their lives online than they may feel comfortable sharing. Does this generate some concern? Users believe so. According to a new survey conducted by Sodahead, 86 percent of the Facebook audience strongly dislike the changes. Currently, more than 7 million apps and websites are integrated with Facebook, Tips to create a more private and secure user experience and Facebook users install more than 20 million apps every day. AA Facebook users interact with over 900 million objects (pages, groups, events, and community pages). Every friend sees your activity 1. Every post you make on a public fan page will show up in all your friends' Tickers. The new Ticker feature is a near real-time stream of all the activity happening on Facebook. This is the unfiltered version of the main feed. Because fan pages are public by default, this information wil be accessible to anyone, but you can turn this feature off to avoid your posts becoming public. Tip 2 Redefining history with Timeline When you first enable Timeline, the default opens the door for the public and all your friends to view your posts dating back to when you first signed up for Facebook. You might want to do some clean up. Even those of you who have always been very careful about what they post on Facebook will be surprised by some content on the Timeline. Tip "Frictionless Sharing" 3. Just because you're logged out of Facebook it doesn't mean the site won't follow your every move online. Facebook still knows and can track every web page you visit. In addition, websites can write apps whereby all activity on their pages can be shared automatically to a user's Facebook profile. The consequences of having your every move online potentially being posted to your profile could cause embarrassing or severe results. Delete every Facebook cookie in your browser, or use a separate browser for Facebook interactions. Tip Your friend Ilist 4. Your list of Facebook friends has always been public. But with the new Timeline feature, info about the exact month and year you became friends with someone is public. For some users, sharing as little information as possible with strangers is important. Be careful who you accept as a friend and the privileges that you give them. Tip Monitoring posts 5. With everyone able to see your history and most recent posts, there has always been concern about who sees what you are posting. You can now check a post's security level before commenting. There is a small icon under each item in your news feed. Hover over it to see who can see the post. Tip 6 Watch out for the Open Graph With new app capabilities, keep an eye out for apps such as Spotify and Pandora, which automatically start sharing your playlists and music preferences with others on Facebook by default. Most apps like these will have a setting that you will manually have to turn off Facebook sharing. Tip Redefining privacy Facebook profile pages may soon summarize your life's history, or at least online history. These new Timeline and Open Graph features will show friends and followers every post and potentially every visited site automatically. Prepare and protect yourself. Z ZONEALARM SOURCES: USATODAY.COM, FACEBOOK.COM, PCWORLD.COM, S0DAHEAD.COM, IBTIMES.COM, HUFFINGTONPOST.COM by Check Point

Facebook Update Raises Red Flags

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This informative infographic provides information about timeline, Facebook new profile feature, that provides your whole Facebook history since you began your account. This infographic provides a list...


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