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The Facebook Timeline of Social Commerce

A- 9 Search The PREM Facebook Timeline of Social Commerce fb Social Shopping Revolution 11,646,321 likes · 245,267 talking about this A Like Message Product/Service Learn about the next step in the evolution of social shopping with the introduction of Timeline for brands on Facebook. 850M $3.7B 3000+ About Photos Users Revenue Employees Highlights 2012 Facebook fb February O On March 30, Facebook rolls out Timeline for brands, marking another monumental shift in the way consumers interact with brands within the platform. With a focus on transparency, interaction and innovation, Timeline aims to catapult brands further into the world of social commerce, real-time feedback and two-way communication. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many others have made shopping social, encouraging consumers to share, like and broadcast the products they rate to their net- work. Check out below to find out how Facebook and others became the mammoth brand influencers that they are today. Like · Comment Share O 377, 192 Q 103,435 P 10,050 Facebook Facebook shared a link. fb March 30, 2012 fb February, 2012 Facebook Brands Within a week of making Timeline available to Pages, 9 million pages (out of a total of roughly 37 million) have adopted the new layout. Facebook rolls out timeline profiles to all brands. facebook 8million-2012-03 Dizza Pizza Hut Like · Comment Share O 107 people like this. Q View all 59 comments Write a comment... Like · Comment Share O 36,300 Q9,129 P 119 2011 Recent Activity Twitter December, 2011 O Facebook closes Deals. August, 2011. A Facebook launches Deals. April, 2011. Twitter Brands Twitter launches brand pages. Google shares a link. June, 2011 Victoria's Secret o CRET penngeri enyltind VERYEY OURGTFUSHUPNOW SEXIER THAN EVER Google launches google+ Wh w pen y tn dek ngny ee vrs ee Tweets Google+: real life sharing, rethought for the web 8+ y an e H De On 30 veryery Google+ hits 25 million visitors in four weeks. Like · Comment · Share O 26,375 Q 7,580 P 1 Like · Comment Share O 529,349 Q 59,474 P 127,075 jcp јсрenny January, 2011 Recent Activity A Facebook launches sponsored stories. February, 2011. Facebook Commerce First Facebook eCommerce store goes online. JCP ShopJCPenney Go to App Cancel ABOUT THIS APP THIS APP WILL RECEIVE JOPenney Official Facebook Store . Your basic info 1? Who can see posts this app makes for vou on Facebook A Friends Like · Comment Share A 445 Q 142 7 2010 Facebook Target September, 2010 fb September, 2010 Facebook Commerce Facebook Biz-Dev Target begins selling Facebook Credits giftcards in stores. They also announce in-store Facebook Photo printing. Facebook Credits is integrated into online store incentives. Buy this item and get 25 Facebook Credits ! $15 Like · Comment Share O 445 Q 142 P 7 Recent Activity facebook A Facebook Places launches. August, 2010. credits Recent Activity Like · Comment Share O 52,903 Q8,906 P 18 A Facebook introduces ads. August, 2010. Amazon and Facebook shared a link. July, 2010. Pinterest September, 2010 Facebook Biz-dev Amazon and Facebook join forces for social recommendations. Connect Amazon and Facebook Facebook Competitor Next generation of social sharing, providing image rich platform for brands to connect with consumers. Pins from Gap facebook Like · Comment Share A 73,460 Q 29,025 P 2,661 Like · Comment Share 81,845 Q 11,281 P 329 Recent Activity A Foursquare Brands begin to reward shoppers who checkin. May, 2010. 2009 Recent Activity June, 2009 A Facebook Credits launches. May, 2009. Yflowers. Facebook Brands The first retail transaction inside of Facebook is claimed by 1-800-Flowers for $34. Recent Activity A Facebook Marketplace launches. March, 2009. Facebook fb February, 2009 Facebook Features Facebook releases the like button. Like · Comment Share O 19,107 Q3,779 E 57 Like Recent Activity A Foursquare launches. March, 2009. Like · Comment Share O 378,886 Q 104,682 P 10, 108 2008 Facebook Dell shared a link. fh September, 2008 DELL December, 2008 Facebook Features Dell claims $1M in revenue via Twitter Facebook redesign roll out, including tabs. million/ Wall Info Photos Discussions Reviews Share: Post O Photo 1 Link Video Write something... Like · Comment Share O 24,084 Q 25,828 P5 Like · Comment Share 3 31,071 Q9,821 P 1,186 2007 Facebook Facebook fb February, 2007 fb June, 2007 Facebook Commerce Facebook Brands The first branded applications appear on Facebook. Users can buy virtual gifts on Facebook for the first time. ROSHAMBULL Like · Comment Share O 73,460 Q 29,025 P 2,661 ROCK PAPER SCISSORS Like · Comment Share O 52,964 Q8,115 2006 Facebook Recent Activity fb September, 2006 1 Facebook allows anyone to join. September, 2006. Facebook Features Facebook introduces the news feed. Recent Activity facebook A Twitter launches. July, 2006. Search DUpdate Status Add Photo E Ask Question Sarah Purewal + SEE I NEW STORY AORTES O News Feed O Hessages E Events TOP STORIES FROM THE LAST HOUR PCWorld PCW Se who else is annoved with the new Facebook? R10620o9 Le Comment Share about an hour age & Close Friends A Family O PCWorld e The American School 20+ 19 Armando Rodriguer Facebook marked every story in my newsfeed as a "top story". Now it's pretty me vseless. Thanks Facebook. Like · Comment Share O 76,877 Q 11,925 E 344 2004 Mark Zuckerberg shared a link. February, 2004. Facebook launches. Like · Share P 5,668 O 220,117 people like this. Q View previous comments 50 of 123 Mark Zuckerberg People want to go online and check out their friends, so why not build a website that offers that? about an hour ago · Like Mark Zuckerberg Friends, pictures, profiles, whatever you can visit, browse around, maybe it's someone you just met at a party. Eduardo Saverin I'm not talking about a dating site, I'm talking about taking the entire social experience of college and putting it online. about an hour ago · Like Write a comment... 5 ( delivers the best deals, VoucherÇ and this information is no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook. We do not accept any liability whatsoever for the accuracy of this information. helping shoppers spend their moneysmarter.

The Facebook Timeline of Social Commerce

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Remember when Facebook was just a place to swap university lecture notes and photos from a night out on the town? Over the eight years since its launch the social network has transitioned from just a ...


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