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Facebook Psychology: Is Addiction Affecting Our Minds?

facebook Social media's effects on our minds -facebook- PSYCHOLOGY is addiction affecting our minds? NOTIFICATION ABUSE REWARD CENTER OF THE BRAIN EVERY DING COULD BE A RESULTS IN A HIT OF answering THE DING OF A NOTIFICATION dopamine SOCIAL, SEXUAL, OR PROFESSIONAL opportunity EACH HIT RECHARGES OUR ADDICTIVE COMPULSION. SIMILAR TO CRACK, HEROIN, METH AND OTHER ABUSIVE SUBSTANCES "Cumulatively, the effect is potent and hard to resist." JUDITH DONATH -mit media scholar MULTIPLE PROFILE DISORDER ARE OUR DIGITAL SELVES LEGITIMATE, PATHOLOGICAL "ALTER OF SORTS" STANFORD DR. ABOUTAOUDE HAS BEGUN TESTING ON INTERNET ADDICTS AND FINDING STARTLING RESULTS. "I might as well have been... administering the questionnaire to Sybil Dorsett!" (PATIENT "o" FOR MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER ) -DR. ABOUJAOUDE BRAIN SCANS OF WEB VETERANS VS WEB NOOBS web VeteranS web n00bs Update Brain Status What's on your brain? GOT ONLINE FOR 5 HOURS TOTAL OVER THE NEXT WEEK DISPLAY FUNDAMENTALLY ALTERED PREFRONTAL CORTEXES. Post AND RESCANNED THEIR BRAINS AFTER JUST5 HOURS the naive subjects had already rewired their brains -GARY SMALL, HEAD OF UCLA'S MEMORY AND AGING RESEARCH CENTER internet'addicts' people with SIGNIFICANTLY MORE FACEBOOK FRIENDS HAVE 10-20% SMALLER BRAIN AREAS RESPONSIBLE FOR speech, memory, motor control, emotion, sensory, and other information. tend to have larger ORBITAL PREFRONTAL CORTEXES the area for social behavior and emotion. MORE TIME SPENT ONLINE, more brain signs of "atrophy" in these areas. AVERAGE NUMBER OF FACEBOOK FRIENDS: 229 INTERNET ADDICTION CHINA, TAIWAN, AND KOREA recently accepted IAD INTERNET ADDICTION DISORDER as a psychological diagnosis. AS MUCH AS 30% OF TEENS IN THESE COUNTRIES ARE CONSIDERED INTERNET-ADDICTED, mostly to social media, and online gaming. IAD is being treated as "A GRAVE NATIONAL HEALTH CRISIS" Researchers in Taiwan LINKED ADHD AND HOSTILITY TO INTERNET ADDICTION IN CHILDREN Taiwanese researchers also found DEPRESSION AND SOCIAL PHOBIA WERE PREDICTIVE INDICATORS OF INTERNET ADDICTION IN GIRLS. IAD IN 2013, THE UNITED STATES WILL MARK INTERNET ADDICTION as a 'real' disorder as well. INTERNET ADDICTION DISORDER [IAD] WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE DSM-V "bible of psychology" [diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, fifth edition]. DIAGNOSTIC AND STATISTICAL MANUAL OF MENTAL DISORDERS FOURTH EDITION TEXT REVISION albeit tagged for “further study." • “Preoccupation" with the internet or internet gaming DSM-IV TR- (STARTING AT 38 HOURS A WEEK) DEFINED: .Withdrawal symptoms when internet is not available • Tolerance (spending more time to achieve the same "high") • Loss of other interests • Unsuccessful attempts to control use • Use of internet to improve or escape dysphoric mood. AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION IS IT A COINCIDENCE? AS WE GET MORE CONNECTED, WE SEEM TO LOSE FOCUS U.S. INTERNET USERS average attention spans 12-9-8 HAVE RISEN 127 seconds seconds seconds since 2000, our attention span dropped by 40% Americans Goldfish Americans 2000 2012 The amount of time teens spend in front of a screen pre-social & pre-mobile social & mobile HAS RISEN 104% from ON AN AVERAGE DAY. Most people spend... 8.5 HOURS 20 MINUTES 3.43 to looking at a screen. reading a printed page. hrs/day hrs/day WHERE ARE WE NOW? Counting multitasking with multiple screens at once, teen screentime HAS RISEN 221% from 66% ADHD HAS RISEN IN THE U.S. 3.43 11 to hrs/day hrs/day 40% U.S. AVERAGE ATTENTION SPAN HAS DROPPED TREATMENT LEVEL: DIFFICULT Internet is too much a part of business, society, and education to quit cold- turkey for most people. TREATMENT GOALS • Abstinence from problematic applications Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the recommended treatment • Retaining controlled use of the computer for legitimate purposes • Increased motivation • Improved social relationships • Improved sexual functioning • Engagement in off-line activities PRESENTED BY: BESTMASTERSINPSYCHOLOGY.COM SOURCES:,20310219,00.html DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Facebook Psychology: Is Addiction Affecting Our Minds?

shared by NowSourcing on Oct 31
The social media addiction is growing immensely. Find out how Facebook is taking you away from your work and other important things.


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