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Facebook Privacy Fail

facebook. #PRIVACYFAIL and not like the "using #hashtags on Facebook kind of fails." Part of Facebook's mission statement is: "...make the world more open and connected." But do we really want that? WHAT INFO DID THAT EXPOSE TO THE PUBLIC? NOW ANYONE C OULD SEE YOUR: PRIVACY 2009 FAIL*1 FRIENDS LISTS "ABOUT ME" PAGE Work & Education A BEST FRIENDS FACEBOOK RESET THEIR PRIVACY SETTINGS WITHOUT WARNING. Family Relationships FAMILY - IGNORE Birthday A PEOPLE I DON'T REALLY LIKE PROFILE PICTURE POSTS I CREATE Status Updates Links Photos Videos Notes PRIVACY FAIL#2 "FRIENDS ONLY" Hey, can I see some info? MODE Sure. LOL. USER INFO Manually Switching privacy Setting To "FRIENDS ONLY" MODE Did not prevent all personal information from being shared with 3rd party applications or friends of users signed up with 3rd party applications. "unfair and deceptive business practices." EPIC Electronic Privacy Information Center 3RD PARTÝ APPS 17% 13 MILLION Consequences of unknowingly posting private information publicly? Home Advertise on Facebook Account Settings of users still use NO PRIVACY SETTINGS at all racy Settings US Facebook users have NEVER OPENED their privacy settings. Log Out Help a feed to see Facebook updates of individuals with no privacy settings. 4.8 MILLION USERS POST WHERE THEY WILL BE AND WHEN. So what was happening with user information? PRIVACY 2010 FAIL*3 WANT SOME INFO? As a joke, Nike Begus "Liked" a product on Facebook. FACEBOOK WAS CAUGHT GIVING USER INFO TO ONLINE GIANTS. Nike Begus likes GIANT BUCKET OF LUBE NAMES AGES HOMETOWN - OCCUPATIONS Contracting Facebook's own privacy policy section 5: '"We do not share your information with advertisers without your consent' Then Nike's picture and 'recommendation' of the product began showing up on other sites. Nike Begus recommends lube! I just saw your post. You're right, Juice boxes ARE SO CRAZY! FUTURE Children's FAIL CUPPA 2tion Online Privacy Protection Act Prohibits websites from gathering information about children under 13. TODAY, FACEBOOK HAS OVER 5 MILLION Mark Zuckerberg said: "That will be a fight we take on at some point... UNDERAGE USER PROFILES My philosophy is that for education you need to start at a really, really young age. TIMELINE #FAIL When Timeline became compulsory computer security firm Sophos survey People reacted in different ways "Looks good to me...' "I'm afraid it might expose me too much. "What am I doing with my life?" "Whatevs" 7.96% 8.39% 51.29% 32.36% - I LIKE THE NEW TIMELINE I'll GET USED TO IT, ÉVENTUALLY I'M WORRIED ABOUT THE TIMELINE I DON'T HAVE A REASON FOR STILL HAVING AN ACCOUNT The Facebook timeline changed the whole fabric of Facebook. It unearthed material from Facebook timeline was required years ago putting many users in an awkward spot. and much like this man, once turned on, it could not be turned off. GOING PUBLIC MAY 2012 #IPO FAIL Facebook became more focused on making money, at the expense of users. PAID POSTS MORE ACCURATE TARGETED ADVERTISING FB Initial Public Offering $38 PER SHARE 566 MILLION SHARES ON FIRST DAY, THEY TRADED MARKET CAPITALIZATION OF $104 BILLION. by Lost 47% of it's value. SEPT 2012 $18 PER SHARE- CURRENTLY $27 PER SHARE FB SHARE VALUE FB SHARE VALUE Mark Zuckerberg said: "The performance of the stock has obviously been disappointing, we care about our shareholders. 500 Now Facebook has to please the over 500 shareholders, meaning increase in prices for consumers. FACEB0OK REVEN UE Putting all your eggs in one basket leads Facebook to out-of-control advertising. PROFIT DRIVING TECHNIQUES Increasing Sponsored Stories 83% GM, the largest company dropped them 1 week after Facebook's IPO. INEFFECTIVE ADVERTISING Sponsored posts CURRENTLY, POSTS ONLY REACH ABOUT 15% OF AN ACCOUNT'S FANS. IN ORDER TO REACH MORE, FACEBOOK GIVES PAGES This form of revenue will only alienate independent companies without the means to pay for of promoted posts, leaving FACEBOOK'S REVENUE is from advertising THE OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE THE PROMOTION. already well-off companies to fill up feeds. "Pay-to-Promote" advertising This break in privacy causes a FACEBOOK HAS BEEN CONDUCTING A STUDY TO FIND CONNECTION BETWEEN USER ADS AND SHOPPING HABITS. resurrection in the discussion of privacy settings. ADVERTISING COSTS ADVERTISING EFFECTIVENESS so Facebook may have sold information about users to marketing companies outweigh Generated In the first 3 months of 2012, Facebook sold expected to hit 872 MILLION »$186 MILL TON $15 LON by 2014 worth of advertising from Facebook credits for games like Farmville. USER DISSATISFACTION It was a new record low in the Social Media Category. Customers express "dislike" over Facebook's privacy, product and advertising. Facebook scored 61=100 out of on customer satisfaction on the American Customer Satisfaction Index. out of WHY ARE USERS DISSATISFIED? - According to the Huffington Post, • Privacy concerns • A constantly changing product • Large amounts of advertising 230 COMPANIES RANKED IN THE REPORT Facebook was in the bottom 5 in customer satisfaction Sources: PRESENTED BY:,2817,2393464,00.asp -money TOPWEBDESIGNSCHOOLS.ORG Mark Zuckerberg Photo - Guillaume Paumier / Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-3.0 DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Facebook Privacy Fail

shared by NowSourcing on Dec 19
Nearly everyone has a Facebook page, and Facebook has been failing epically lately.


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