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Facebook by the Numbers - FriendUs

FACEBOOK BY THE NUMBERS AN OVERVIEW Facebook has more than 800 million active users. +50% More than 50% of active users log into Facebook every day. There are more than 2 billion posts liked and commented on every day and 250 million photos uploaded every day. 75% of Facebook users are outside the U.S. It is available in 70 languages. RANDOM STATS ABOUT FACEBOOK USERS: @#! ----83% 56%-- ----48% ----47% 56% of Americans 83% of women are 48% of people say 47% of Facebook think it is annoyed by their they look at their users have swear irresponsible to Facebook friends. ex's Facebook words on their friend your boss profile too often. Facebook profiles. on Facebook. OCTOBER -----90% THR 46M The average U.S. Facebook user Facebook links about sex are spends 7 hours and 46 minutes shared 90% more than average. per month on Facebook. FUNDING 09|2004 $500,000 Peter Thiel 04|2005 $12,700,000 Accel Partners, Peter Thiel 04|2006 $27,500,000 Greylock Partners, Meritech Capital Partners, Peter Thiel (via Founders Fund) 10|2007 $240,000,0O0 Microsoft 11|2007 $60,000,000 Li Ka-Shing 01|2008 $15,000,000 European Founders Fund 03|2008- $60,000,00O Li Ka-Shing 05|2008 $100,000,00O Debt Financing, TriplePoint Capital 05|2009 $200,000,000 Digital Sky Technologies 06|2010 0,000,000 Elevation Partners 01|2011 $1,500,000,000 Goldman Sachs, Digital Sky Technologies TOTAL + $2,340,000O,000 TOP 5 TOP 5 FACEBOOK PAGES BY LIKES: EMINEM You Tube Facebook Eminem Rihanna 53+ million 47+ million 45+ million YouTube 45+ million Texas Holdem Poker (Zynga) 51+ million TOP 5 NON-INTERNET BRANDS BY LIKES: Coca-Cola Mту OREO 34+ million 28+ million 23+ million Disney Starbucks 28+ million 25+ million TOP 5 MOVIES BY LIKES: The Twilight Saga 25+ million Avatar 22+ million Shrek Toy Story 25+ million Harry Potter 35+ million 17+ million TOP 5 POLITICIANS BY LIKES: Democrat: Barack Obama 23+ million Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III (President of the Philippines) 2+ million Mahathir bin Mohamad (President of Malaysia) 1+ million Manny Villar (Philippine senator) 1+ million Republican: Sarah Palin 3+ million TOP 5 TV SHOWS BY LIKES: Family Guy 38+ million South Park House 34+ million 25+ million The Simpsons 35+ million SpongeBob SquarePants 28+ million TOP 5 MUSICIANS BY LIKES: EMINEM Rihanna MIchael Jackson 45+ million 41+ million Eminem Lady Gaga 44+ million Shakira 47+ million 41+ million TOP 5 APPS BY MONTHLY ACTIVE USERS: The Sims Social Adventure World 65+ million 38+ million Static HTML: CityVille 76+ million FarmVille iframe tabs 34+ million 61+ million TOP 5 APP DEVELOPERS BY MONTHLY ACTIVE USERS: Micresoft Zynga Mensing 61+ million wooga 263+ million 40+ million Electronic Arts Microsoft 99+ million 50+ million Mashable Infographics Design by @emilycaufield Research by @benpar Sources: html, php?factsheet statistics,,,,,

Facebook by the Numbers - FriendUs

shared by kcatoto on Dec 28
You likely know that Facebook is the world’s largest social network with more than 800 million users, but did you know that more than 250 million photos are uploaded every single day? Or that the av...




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