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Facebook New Security Features

EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KN OW AND MORE ABOUT FACEBOOK SECURITY At Facebook, we take the privacy and safety of the people who use our site very seriously. Using a combination of technological innovations such as database checks and roadbloacks, as well as our dedicated staff, we're working 24/7 to ensure everyone's information is safe and secure. SECURITY STARTS HERE Facebook works to eliminate security threats and spam to keep your information secure. Social Authentication Opt-in Login Approvals Only Facebeok uses social authentication to vrity your account Ths system asks you ta Idertity your frends based on pictures This is information that makesit increditly hard for a hacker te gainacess to your account and helps yeu access your account easily witheut itauserlogson using a newor unrecegneeddovke, a required code will be sent to theuser's mobile device LOG IN Ilakginattenptfer an unsaved device curs, the user will te prompted upen thair net login to verity the login youhaving to remenber addional passcodes Log in ID Verification Optin One Time Passwords Opt-in did you know? Userscan opt to recelvea one time password iOTP) by sending Every user creates a security question and A https:// amwer for their account a test to 1200s All logins are done through asocure consection You can enable Psto yourentireracetookoxperence fron theAccount settings page A user can ako add their mobile phone aumber to erable them to verity tiwir identity through atext message did you know Facetook empioys 30 tul omestat fecused on seurity and salety - did you know Session Classifier Facetook buns P, user acLOuns and ags tht reredng u cala tooaggresively This system uses locaion, deice and other account detals to verlly very legineg a Calitomis user seddenly accesing their acceunt from Afmca) did you know Over saset mitions of doars are dedicated to securny intrastructure. ONLINE O Photo DNA O User Action Classifier Facetook maintains a blackist database Idenutes whan users are from feders, state and internationalaw acting makciounly or sparmy. enforcement agences afexpioitatve inages tachone ofehe e mikors photos aploaded te the site ench dayis checked against tht did you know? 47 millian tars are on meracabaok securty page sending messages on usereducation • LinkScanner Clickjacking Domain Reputation System Alinis are compared againet Facebooks andather intemet secunty companier datatares ofknown spammy and malesos kks urs are norited ifamatch is fount and the link is blocked trom beingstared ONCI N Yeu see alink to an 'ostrapran video offsie, but ence you http:/ y dick t, tautomaticaly publches the fakelink to yo ur Wale This betavior is a result of a browser bug but Facebosk is doing mere to preent this fromescuring by taking steas lke ventying suspectad badinis batora theyna posted. did you know? did you know? racooo Kasa tron ark d percay Facebook biecis ae mienmakcious actions par day containingmalicioun links Application Classifier Self-XSS Apps Analyzes apolication behavier. and teste dacideif they are Il pou ever paste makcios code into you address bat it can caseyour beowser to cenductunauthorized activity uchas posting status updatas andsanding rassipam messages racebook cembats this by preventingcode from being entered automat ically, by using roadblocks forverification acting nalkiosly did vou know?- racetook wllamock ag0-senoarcouns os any gives cay to heo pretect the inngity of the site LOG OUT Log Out Suspected Hacking Remote Logout Uhers can manually shutdewn Users wha have forgotten to log oet can check their legin status Jand lag thenselves out remately racebook sessioni and ese thr Log Out r passords it an unauthored loginis detacted O Roadblock Guardian Angels Login Notifications *you lene access te yeur account or are havinge problems kogging in, a codecan be sent to your Iriends to help you get back itoyour accoun You can preselect these triends from the Account Settings page Users get to approve the devices from which they log in Fyour accounts compromised ty maicious software Facebook will Anetitcation can besentthey ve loggedin trom an unapproved device temporaiy lak your prole and scan itwith seutity software untilyour account is cetited clean . OFFLINE FACEBOOK KEEPS SPAM AT BAY Example Spam Attack 89% 4% Level of Spam versus Facebook Counter Measures 89.1% of email is spam. Less than 4% of content shared on Facebook is spam. .06% 5% 4 pm 6pm в рт 10 pm As spam is reported by users, Facebook implements counter measures that significantly reduces the level of spam. Only .o6% of over 1 billion logins per day are compromised. Less than 5% of Facebook users experience spam on any given day. THE GROWTH OF FACEBOOK Facebook User Growth 750+ Million Boo M 50% Goo M 400 M Active Facebook Users Worldwide Log on to Facebook in any given day 200 M Active Users L The average user has 130 friends. Dec 1, 2004 jan1, 2009 Juli, 2011 People spend over 700 billion 31 minutes per month on Facebook.

Facebook New Security Features

shared by kcatoto on Jan 24
Facebook changes can be a bit confusing and their new security features could be darn confusing for some. Facebook security released this very informative infographic to break it all down for us. If y...


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