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Facebook Likes: How Revealing Can They Be?

Facebook Likes: HOW REVEALING CAN THEY BE??? What and How? Researchers at Cambridge University have created statistical models based on Facebook Likes, that are able to predict religion, roce, sexual orientation, amongst other personal attibutes, with starting occuracy. To provide data for the study 58,000 US volunteers submitted ther "ikes" demogrophic information and underwent psychometric testing using the myPersonality opp ceated in 2007 by D. David Stilwell hformation from this initial dataset corroborated wifth personality test results and profile infomation was fed into algorithms that could then be used to make inferences of Focebook user's personal attibutes This infographic will showcase some of the study's most interesting findings THE AVERAGE PERSON 150 Likes HAS MORE THAN... .on Facebook! Dichotomous Variables WHAT YOUR LIKES REVEAL ABOUT WHO YOU ARE... 93% GENDER 95% RACE ACCURACY CATEGORY African American VARIABLE Male • ESPN • Band Of Brothers • Startrek • X Games • Bruce Lee INDICITIVE LIKES Here is a list of (dichotomous) categories The percentoge values indicate the level of • I Support My President • Fantasia • Jill Scott • Erykah Badu • Love and Basketball occuracy with which the model was able to infer a Female person as belonging to one group (variable) over the other Below each varlable heading is a short list of selected most predictive Likes: Caucasian • TV Fanatic • Bebe • Proud To Be A Mom • Covergirl • Mall World • Halloween • David Bowie Official • Road Trips • Bonfires 82% RELIGION 85% POLITICS 67% RELA- TIONSHIPS Muslim Democrat Single • Joe Biden • I Need Allah In My Life • I'm a Muslim and I'm Proud • Health Care Reform • Remove Group Fuck Islam From Facebook Moozlum The Movie • Hunger Cames • • Mangastream • Sportsnation • Maria Sharapova The White House • Anthony Weiner Ted Kennedy Christian Republican In a Relationship • The Bible • Jesus Daily • I'm Proud To Be Christian • Cospel Music • Mall World • Ceorge W Bush • Rush Limbaugh • Sarah Palin • Bill Oreilly • Ronald Reagan • I Love My Husband • Parents Magazine • Weight Watchers Sarapbooking • Huggies 88% +SEXUAL ORIENTATION 75% SEXUAL 70% ALCOHOL USE ORIENTATION Homosevual Homosevual Yes • No H8 Campaign • Kathy Griffin • Human Rights Campaign • Mac Cosmetics Wicked The Musical • Grls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys • Gay Marriage The L-Word • Not Being Pregnant • Sometimes I Just Lay In Bed And Think About Life • Watching Kama Bite The Person You Hate Right In The Ass • Dear Liver Thanks You're A Champ • I Love It When In The Middle Of Our Kiss I Can Feel You Smiling • Tattoo Lovers Heterosevual Heteroserual • WWE • Wu-Tang Clan • Shaq • Bruce Lee • Being Confused After Waking Up From Naps • Lipton Brisk • Footlocker WWE • Thinking Of Something And Laughing Alone • IJust Realized Immature Spells I'm Mature No • Bungie • Not Finishing A Sentence Because Your Laughing Too Hard About The Ending • Pretending To Think When The Teacher Is Looking At You Numeric Values IQ, PERSONALITY, AGE AND MORE... IPREDICTIVE LIKES IQ OPEN- NESS SATIS- FACTION WITH LIFE High Liberal | Artistic Satisfied • Thunderstorms • The Colbert Report • Morgan Freemans voice • Science • Curly Fries • Oscar Wilde • Charles Bukowski • Bauhaus • Dmt The Sprit Molecule • John Waters • Sarah Palin • Glen Beck • Proud To Be Christian • Swimming • Pride and Prejudice Low Dissatisfied Conservative • Tyler Perry • Sephora • I love Being A Mom • Harley Davidson • Lody Antebellum • NASCAR • I don't read • Oklahoma State University • ESPN2 • Teen Mom 2 • Kickass • Corillaz • Science Stewie Griffin • pod AGREE- ABLENESS EXTRA- VERSION CON- SCIEN- TIOUSNESS Cooperative Outgoing/ Well Organized • Compassion International, Active • Logan Utah • Pornography Harms • The Book of Mormon • Co to Church • Beerpong • Dancing • Chris Tucker • I Feel Better Tan • Theater • Law Officer • Accounting • Foursquare • Sunday Best • Glock Inc Competitive Spontaneous • I Hate Everyone • Friedrich Nietzsche • Atheism / Satanism • Prada • Julius Caesar Shyl Reserved • Wes Anderson • Serial Killer • Screamo • Anime • Join If Ur Fat • Programming • Managa • Video Games • Role Playing Games • Voltaire EMO- TIONAL STABILITY FRIENDS AGE Many Old Neurotic • Sometimes I Hate Myself • So So Happy • The Addams Family • Vocaloid • • Mojolojo • Biology • Jennifer Lopez • Paid In Full • The Dollar You Are Holding Could've Been in a Stripper's Butt Crack • Cup Of Joe For A Joe • Cffee Party Movement • Dr Mehmet Oz • Small Business Saturday • Fly The American Flag Calm/ Relaxed Young Few • Cetting Money • Parkour • Skydiving • Climbing • Physics / Engineering • Iron Maiden • Honey, Where Is My Supersuit • MineCraft • Walking With Your Friend & Randomly Pushing Them Into Someone/Something • Walt Disney Records Because I Am A Girl • I Hate My Id Photo • 293 Things To Do In Class When You Are Bored • Dude Wait What INUMERIC PREDICTION RELIABILITY correlation between predictions and test results Base-line (test-retest) accuracy Satisfaction with life 0.17 0.44 Intelligence 0.39 0.78 Emotional Stability 0.3 0.68 Agreeableness 0.3 0.62 Extraversion 0.4 0.75 Conscientiousness 0.29 0.7 Openness 0.43 0.5 Friend Network Density 0.52 Friend Count 0.47 Age 0.75 The Science Behind the Psychology: Through the use of psychometric data the statistical models were also able to make meaningful inferences conceming individual's psychological profiles Approximations of psychological traits are measured through the evaluation of questionnaires given to volunteers The dependability of these tests to provide consistent estimations is determined by comparing test-retest reliabilities In the study researchers compared the like-based predicted traits with the actual psychometric test results from volunteers. Correlations between these two findings could then be compared with the test-retest reliability for each specific trait If the correlation between the predictions and the actual test score is close to the test-retest reliability, then this would indicate that the like based predictions are roughly as informative as the test score itself This was most evidentially the cose with the "openness" trait Here is a diogram comparing the correlation between predictions and test results to base-line (test-retest) accuracy. by wishpond CHECK OUT MORE INFOGRAPHICS BY WISHPOND: THE IMPACT OF TWITTER ON BRANDS THE IMPACT OF PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK HOW USERS INTERACT ON PINTEREST SOURCES: HTTP/WWWPNAS.ORG CONTENT MO/5/5802FULL HTTP//WwW.CAMACLKRESEARCHNEWS.DIGITAL RECORDS-COULD-DPOSE-INTIMATE DETAILS-AND-PERSONALITY-TRAITSOFMILLI ONS HTTP//WWWPNASORG/CONTENT/SUPPL/20t0307/2772ODCSUPPLEMENDAL/STOLPDF Wishpond makes it easy to run social contests and promotions on Facebook, Twitter, websites & mobile. 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Facebook Likes: How Revealing Can They Be?

shared by WeAreWishpond on Aug 09
Researchers at Cambridge University have created statistical models, based on Facebook Likes that are able to predict religion, race, sexual orientation, amongst other personal attributes, with startl...




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