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Facebook in Ireland

Edelman facebook in Ireland There are 2,014,100 Facebook accounts in Ireland THAT'S ALMOST 44% in a population of 4,581,269 census 2011 preliminary OF THE COUNTRY Facebook grew by more than DOUBLE in the past two years. August 2011 2,014,100 August 2009 905,980 January 2009 400,980 +1530% October 2007 131,600 +688% +304% 2007-2009 firgures from Mulley Communications blog archives Demographics There are 1,052,840 women and 921,840 men ...and over 39,000 who prefer not to say. 18 - 34 year olds make up more than half of Facebook's Irish users. The largest age group is aged 25 - 34 years. 55+ 45 - 54 13 - 17 69k+ 163k+ 276k+ 35 - 44 357k+ AGE 475k+ 18 - 24 620k+ 25 - 34 Location Dublin City has the most people on Facebook with 780,240 users Others include: Cork 145,120 Limerick 79,120 Galway 71,240 Waterford 45,600 Sligo 26,540 Mullingar Wexford 25,680 22,840 100k based on the number of users in the most populated town or city of each county 200k 400k e this o peo people like cople like s noople ike this 52 this e this 650 people $ 326 is 646 peopr like th people like th like e like this 089 pes 800k e th 10 people li 523 0 peo e like this 5 Most popular brands e like like t 43 people like this 39 like like this S peoje ke S S like this 989 OP eople this 650 p s 98 e 326 P this50 ike OPeope e like this 523 peop e th ople like this mle like this 7 pe e this peoe lke people like thic op like eo e 7 Peo 743 this 21 231 peo 42 people Ilike ike 214 pe his 843 V liket like t like this 2 ople 3 peor eople like like this 801 e this 846 p this ople 843 like this 394 e this 801 peo Le this like this like thi like like like this 2 is 842 like this ga e like this 441 peove The 10 most popular brands on Facebook in Ireland are: people this like 42 people like like this cople pele e this 8 like this 441 Baileys 1,174,168 people like this 428 521 people 327 365 people like th 454 people like this ole like Tayto 159,395 people like this Guiness Ireland 275,344 people like this AMESO Jameson 257,538 people like this Tourism Ireland frelande 143,438 people like this IO Penney's PENNEYS 237,953 people like this Captain Morgan's 123,826 people like this DARE Oxegen Oxegen OOFIGHTER Ben & Jerry's 110,902 people like this COLDPLA 201,818 people like this This excludes individuals, musicians and the media. Ryanair 198,160 people like this Sources Data collated August 17th 2011. Statistics were gathered through the Facebooks Ads system Historical user data from: /facebook-doubles-in-size-in-ireland-in-12-months-400k-in-january-09/ Brand data via Edelman

Facebook in Ireland

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This infographic provides statistical data for Facebook users in Ireland. It provides demographic and user information and also lists the most popular Irish brands on Facebook.



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